Halo 4: Onyx 1.3

Recently I have set about making my own truly competitive gametype, as others have of course. My philosophy behind the settings I have made is to blend the favored parts of classic Halo and the favored parts of new Halo while at the same time eliminating any randomness, as well as generally speeding up the flow of the game. That’s probably the same ideal as other competitive gametypes, but it’s the ideal for this one as well.

(Yes, this gametype is temporarily dubbed as ‘Onyx’, a play on GoldPRO. :slight_smile: I may find a better name later.)

Below are the settings for the gametype. The settings are meant for FFA AND 4v4.

GT to download from: Viral Elegy. FFA, 4v4, and various maps for ONYX are on my fileshare now.


Score to win: unlimited

Time limit: 10 minutes

Scoring is based off K/D spread in FFA.

(Ever got frustrated at FFA winners who don’t have best spread? So do I.)


1: Carbine(7sk), BR(4sk), 1x frag, thruster pack, resupply, explosives.

2: Same as above but secondary is light rifle(4sk zoomed/unzoomed).

3: Same as above but secondary is DMR(5sk).

In order to prevent lack of ammo, the carbine is in all loadouts. I choose this as the primary over the DMR because it’s a good weapon but the reticle size offsets the bullet size, making a use of secondary more viable. The DMR is now more balanced in relation to other weapons as well because it remains 5sk while the other weapons are buffed.


Map ordnance is map specific, but typically follows trend of rockets variants, snipers, scattershots, and maybe concussion rifles.

Personal ordnance: Pulse grenades, boltshot, hardlight shield.

Point requirement is 100, no point increase multiplier.

SPAWN SETTINGS (yes, instant respawn is OFF)

Spawn time: 5 seconds
Suicide penalty: 3 seconds
Betrayel penalty: 3 seconds


Shield recharge rate: 125%

Shield recharge wait: 4 seconds
(Close as possible to Halo 2/3 shield settings in order to speed up gameplay)

Damage modifier: 110% (Responsible for certain weapon buffs)

Melee modifier: 75% (still two hit kill, but needs more bullets before punching to kill)

120% movement and 110% jump, no fall damage. No sprint.

Radar: 40m nomal mode for FFA. No radar for 4v4.

Feedback? Post away. Settings are now in 1.3.

Hate to bump, but this was posted way late last night and nobody was really on. Still need play testers.

OP updated with the settings of the gametype.

Gametypes, maps, and gameplay are on my fileshare now.

And I guess this is the last time I’ll post in this thread, since no one seems to have took interest.