Halo 4 Online system

what do you think halo 4’s online will be like. There are Rumors going around saying that its going to be like Halo 3’s skill system 1-50 which i think would be awsome but it would really hard to rank up but i would love to see the return of this system but for now its just a rumor. Then there is the halo reach credit system it took alot less of time to rank up but people ranked up way to fast. so what do you think would be a better ranking system. The Halo 3 skill system or the Halo Reach credit system.

I like the H3 1-50 system as it is quite fair and take skill to get a 50 (unless you bought it), but with the halo reach system anybody can get the same amount of credits as you and it takes no skill to level up. Let me put it this way in halo reach is everyone played it forever everyone would be inheritor but in H3 if everyone played it forever they might not be a 50 because they might not of gotten better as some people don’t get better at games and don’t try to so not everyone would be a high rank.

I don’t want the ranking system to be like halo 3. I always got put with bad teams. And the rare occasion I got put with a good team, I lost an XP the next round because of my bad team. Reach’s ranking system could have been better, say if you get +1cR per kill and different amount of extra cR for sprees and other medals ect. I think this would be perfect. And for every death you get -0.5cR or maybe -1cR. And then cR would go up in value.

Anyway the 1-50 system was pointless, why was it needed?