Hello I just want to say something to 343 Industries.Bungie make Halo CE on Xbox and PC he make after Halo 2 on Xbox and PC but after he stop to make them on pc.For the new Trilogy of Halo(Im a big fan of halo but Reach disappointed me a lot.)make it on xbox and PC.Because I dont play any more on xbox and I want to see want you can do for Halo serie on PC.
If you make a version of Halo 4 on PC I don’t know what I do but im going to do something like go on the evrest!
Yea, now I say this to all of Halo fan please make a message in this topic and say if you are agree with me about making a Halo 4 on pc.
And please 343 please make this Trilogy on Pc
thank for reading and see you on pc =P


bungie did not make halo for pc, it was ported by gearbox software and came out 2 years after the xbox version.

Its been confirmed that halo 4 will be xbox 360 exclusive.

Father mcfeelme and TsumiyaKuroneko thanks for your post and now where is my carabin im going to hunt some 343 =P

Since Halo 3 isn’t out… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Every Halo release gets the same threads, PC version is not happening.