Halo 4 OMG Moments Community Montage

Hello spartans
My name is k3ns3r and I am presdient of Project MrE PLC. My company focuses on Videogame event marketing. But as gamers ourselves our hearts will always belong to Halo. We did a few Montages a while back but didnt have enough time to finish the projects in 2011/12 due to gaming events that were comming our way.
However this year we deicded to dedicate part of our channel to do our part to keep halo alive.
We started with this new playlist called Halo 4 OMG moments playlist. We currently have 67 videos in our Halo 4 OMG playlist and we hope you willsubmit your clips so we can keep this movement going.
And to show you our apreciation for the clips that you submited/recommended one of designers created the following community montage.
Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to the Project MrE channel for more halo 4 omg moments
Click here:Halo 4 OMG moments CommunityTAGE