Halo 4 Official Color Schemes

Is there a list of the official color schemes for the Spartans?
I know Spartan ii are full sage, with gold visor.

For the new Spartans iv, Is it full blue? with the second color scheme showing what Specialisation they are? e.g Rogue has Purple, Soldiers have White, ect?

I just like to have my Spartan have the official color of its specialisation and emblem aswell.

So I’ve set my Rogue Spartan as Blue/Purple with the RG emblem.

If you go by the Spartan IVs in campaign it’s Steel Primary, Gold Secondary, Blue Visor.

Well, I think it’s ideal for each Spartan IV team to have their own color scheme. All we see in-game are the same because it’d be a little too much for them to create a specific scheme for each individual Spartan. Hence why Palmer’s armor is Gray (more towards White), and Majestic’s is Blue. Perhaps we’ll see more of the color wheel later on.