Halo 4: ODST Storyline

I just got an idea for a new ODST game.

When it takes place:
Halo CE

Where it takes place:
POA, Installation 04, Covenant fleet

Who are you?:
You are part of a group of five ODST’s that are on the POA after the retreat from Reach. You play as the Rookie(not from Halo 3: ODST) and are able to customize him/her as you like.

It starts out just as Halo CE does, you are on the POA when it is boarded by the Covenant. You are defending the bridge with Captain Keyes as Master Chief and the others escape in the life pods. Eventually, your group is captured along with the captain and are held captive on the Truth and Reconciliation.

On this level, you wait for the Chief to come rescue you. The level plays out just like in Halo CE after you are rescued, but last a little while longer.

The next level takes place on The Silent Cartographer, after the Chief found the map room. You are ordered to defend it from hordes of Covenant until you get the information you need from it. Afterwards, you set charges and must blow it up. You have about 7 minutes to escape the map room. However, the charges won’t detonate by trigger, so it is a one way trip for one of your squadmates. Once you reach the outside of the map room, you take a pelican to safety.

The next level takes place on 343 Guilty Spark. You are with Sgt. Johnson and his squad as they investigate inside the structure and eventually meet up with Keyes. The level plays out like Jenkins recording the Master Chief finds in Halo CE. Once you find the flood, your squad and Johnson must escape. You are split up with Keyes in order to find a way out. On the way out, another one of your squadmates, the Rookies’ brother, is attacked by the flood. He is being transformed and you must kill him so he doesn’t suffer. This is probably the most emotional part of the game. After escaping the structure, your pelican is shot down (as seen in the level in Halo CE). You must hijack a Covenant Spirit in order to escape the flood. Once you escape, you find out that Keyes has been captured by the Covenant again.

The next level, you are sent in to rescue Keyes on the Truth and Reconciliation. On you’re way to him, another one of your ODST’s is stabbed by an Elite Zealot (kind of like Emile, but he puts up more of a fight). He tells you to go on without him and find the captain as he takes on about 4 more Zealots. Just as you are about to find Keyes, you are ambushed by Covenant and your last teammate is shot a few times, but still alive. You are both taken captive on another Covenant ship.

On the last level, the first cut scene shows you looking out a shield window of your cell on the ship and can see the Halo ring being destroyed. You look to your dying squadmate as he says something memorable to you, and then he dies. You over hear the guards talking about Earth and how they will eventually reach it. The guards see the ODST die and open the cell to get his body. You are then able to assassinate one of the guards and get his sword to kill the other. Now, you must fight to the loading bay to steal another Spirit. Once you fight your way there and get in the ship, you fly into space, and eventually reach Earth. There, you are able to warn the UNSC about the Covenant fleet reaching Earth.

This is where the game ends and Halo 2 begins.


Wow this could work I kinda got sucked in just reading this small script good job

> Wow this could work I kinda got sucked in just reading this small script good job

Thanks for your opinion!

Love the idea actually :smiley:

It’s a good idea.

Only I believe it heavily interferes with Halo: the Flood and the game itself.

It would be called Halo: CE, then.

I mean Halo: CE ODST

Well the first ODST took place during Halo 2 but it was called Halo 3: ODST. So it could be possible.