Halo 4: ODST Community Suggestion Thread

(I hope i am not gonna make the person who made the Halo 5 Suggestion thread mad)

Hello! Welcome to Halo 4: ODST Community Suggestion thread! Post all your Halo 4: ODST suggestions here! We don’t know for sure that this game is coming or not…but just in case :).

My Suggestions/Ideas:

Dual Wielding

ODST Ops - Story begins after Halo 4’s Spartan Ops… I’ll get more into it later on

A return of firefight

New enemies/return of brutes and other enemies

Matchmaking - It would be cool if it introduced a whole new matchmaking experience. Play as ODST’s on Slayer, Big Team Slayer, CTF, and more! Also, a return of Elite Slayer would be nice (Or should we save that for H5?), Or a Brute Slayer because that was the main enemy in Halo 3 ODST.

Flood Survival - Survive against the flood

Flood Survival Matchmaking - Search for 3 more players to play with you.

ALL weapons from the halo universe also with both SMG’s silenced or not.

Take place in Middle of H5 and H4.

In campaign, play as Arbiter and his mission is to find Jul M’dama and kill him. And of course play as some ODST’s.

Allow more customization details on ODST like… change the color of camo on suit. Allow brute custom armor as well.

Let brutes and other enemies die Halo 2 style. Not H3 or reach.

And also a new gametype i came up with! It’s called “Super Soldier”. Sordalike Juggernaut. The person in the lead is the juggernaut and he plays as a spartan and he has to kill ODST’s. The ODST that gains the lead is the new Super Soldier.

Also, return of Scarab gun and finding skulls.

Post your Suggestions here!

This Week’s Discussion:

Weapons, Equipment, and vehicles

I haven’t seen a single thread here which has more than 2 pages…

As for your idea OP, can we honestly presume that they will even make another ODST game?

The problem with ODSTs is that they may have become superseded by the widespread nature of the Spartan-IV program, which I believe many ODSTs were enrolled into.