halo 4 NZ preorder content

by following the xbox360 dashboard instructions for more info about NZ halo 4 preorder and went on http://www.xbox.com/en-nz/xbox360/wheretobuy
and found only three sites for New Zealand with special preorder content (armor/skins/emblems)

these are images with company logo and their content
1.mighty ape
2.jb hi-fi
3.EB games

there are no peoreder content images for
1.D i c k Smith
2.Noel Leaming
3.The Warehouse
4.Harvey Norman
5.Bond and Bond

these are the companies without halo 4 on their website
1.The Warehouse

i would like to have more information about the preorder content before i preorder

does anyone have information on the five sites and their preorder content

btw im talking about New Zealand preorder content

there’s a thread about all the preorder bonuses
heres a link https://forums.halo.xbox.com/yaf_postst85439_All-pre-order-bonuses--with-info---08-03-12.aspx