Halo 4 not working and I am pissed

This is the most frustrated I have ever been with a game. I paid $60 for a game that does not work, that I can’t play and that I have spent more than 10 hours trying to get to work (including time with XBOX support). I can play any other game except Halo 4. Ridiculous!!! I get an error stating that the game cannot start the campaign because it can’t find downloadable content. after hours and hours of work with Xbox support they got the game to work by running the Xbox with a USB key and no hard drive (we also have to remove and reapply updates). This worked until I got past the first major battle and then the game restarts at the point every time. This game was a complete and total waste of money and time and I will not be purchasing any additional Xbox games. PS3 is the way to go