HALO 4 Not Finished add more to game

I feel like Halo 4 isn’t finished because all there is 3 small forge maps and everything is copied from the other Halo games. All 343 did was do easy stuff like magnets and money amount (Money I’m happy with and magnets). The game is like a copy of the game we had a few years ago. I love campaign and multiplayer is better that Reach but when you buy a game you expect more than what they put in. They need to put more, the game is a let down. When it going to come out I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited I could sleep. So this to 343 we need something new actuality put more work in it rather than copying and pasting, but of coarse your going to not do it because your not going to listen to one person(or you just don’t care and you just want money because your greedy and I won"t believe that your not greedy and you care unless you prove it). Tip fix the game!

you couldn’t sleep you were so excited you could sleep.

I’d like to see you make a menu system close to what they have, which, by the way, I like very much.

forgot to mention, nobody pays attention to a complaint if half of it is spelled wrong as well as aa run on sentence.

U make another thread saying the same thing just cause u got bashed the first time? Stop saying the samething.

There are small issues with the game here and there, sure, but what game can say it’s absolutely perfect from day 1? None. Please stop with these threads as they serve no real purpose. Also, would it kill to spell check? That -Yoink- is basically built in these days after all, not so hard.

That’s what TUs are for.

You’re not very bright, are you OP?

“Copied everything from other Halo games”? Not what I’m seeing.