Halo 4 Not Connecting Me To Any Games! Help!

Hi everyone,

For some reason Halo 4 is not fully connecting me to any game. It’s been doing this for the past like 2 weeks now.

When playing war games, I get connected with other players and I get to vote for the map, I hear the other players and everything. But once the game is about to start and it starts loading the game… It for some reason disconnects me… To the e point where its finding me other players to connect with… It says all the gamertags on the bottom and that they have left the game.

It does this every time I am trying to play through war games and it never fails. And I have reconnected my wireless, re downloaded and installed the game. And still continues to not connect me. So wrong.

Any info on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.