Halo 4 next big TU?

If/When 343i puts out the next main TU what would you want it to be focused on?

I personally would want it to be on custom games because at the moment flood is not very good for customization and there is still quite a few missing game-types. I am also in a forge/custom-games clan that play custom game nearly everyday (in quite big lobbies too).

If you look at my service record you’ll notice I have played more custom-games than matchmaking so this update would be quite big for me.

please explain why you choose your option

Considering Matchmaking can be altered on the fly via backseat weapon tuning and playlist updates, I’d imagine we’d probably just get some bug fixes.

I’m really hoping they finally fix theater so multiple players can watch gameplay. We have been asking for this since Reach’s launch.

Custom game option are still very limited so I would definitely like them to begin working on those as fast as possible.

I’m not a big forger but I think that feature should get some tweaks and with it custom games should be updated and fixed (I’m sure DecepticonCobra would agree with me).

Definitely Customs! But if they fix the options for that, they’ll probably have to do some updates for Forge too because they kinda go together.

I hope they turn their attention to balancing of armor abilites and perks now that weapons are balanced.

Completing the game

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have a thread covering this, and it is in the matchmaking section which your thread will be moved to.

Link: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst210770p5_Suggestions-For-Next-Big-TU.aspx

I’m going to say the next big TU will focus on Custom Games (new options, new gametypes, etc…) since this weapon tuning is basically the big TU for Multiplayer.

Isn’t Halo 4 going to be taking a backseat soon since the Xbox One is coming out? A new halo game is bound to be announced with it at E3. If they do anymore updates I’d like to see adjustment to vehicles.

I would have combined forge and customs as a poll option, there’s a fair amount of crossover between those communities.

I voted customs because the number of gametypes, options and the general ability to actually customise recieved the most puzzling nerf ever.

I gave up trying to recreate some of my all time favourite customs within a week.