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Latest Links
(The “Latest Links” accompany the date in the OP’s title.)
- Halo Bulletin 8.29.12 (located under the “Bulletins” tab)
- Halo 4 CTF Gameplay on Exile (343i vs. HaloGAF from PAX) (located under the “Interviews/Videos/Articles (April 2012 - )” tab)
- Halo 4 Exile Screenshots (located under the “Screenshots” tab)
- Halo 4 “Cryo” FUD Trailer (located under the “Waypoint Videos” tab)
- All known Tactical/Support Packages with Specializations (located on page 30 of this thread, post by Negative 9)
Interviews/Videos/Articles (April 2012 - )

August 2012
Halo 4 Specializations»IGN
Halo 4 OST Samples»MTV
Halo 4 CTF Exile Gameplay»PAX

July 2012
FUD Teaser Trailer»Machinima
SDCC Halo 4 Multiplayer Panel»Waypoint
SDCC Halo 4 Fiction Panel»Waypoint
RTX Halo 4 Panel (Forge Demo)»Rooster Teeth
Halo 4 FUD Behind the Scenes»IGN
Halo 4 FUD Behind the Scenes 2»cruelLEGACY

June 2012
(also view the “E3 2012” tab for more of June’s articles and videos)
Halo 4 Preview»ShackNews
Halo 4’s War Games»The Verge
Haven Gameplay + Commentary»ReadyUpLive
Multiplayer Preview/Frankie Interview»Metro UK
Hands on with Spartan Ops»Gamesreactor
Spartan Ops Discussion»1up
Gameplay + MLG Commentry»Gamespot
Halo 4 ESPN ad»ESPN
Interview with Frankie»Venturebeat
Halo 4 Retail Briefing»ESG

May 2012
Halo 4 Arsenal»Gameinformer
Halo 4 Podcast»Gameinformer
Halo 4 NYC Playtesting Event Summary»HBO
New Enemies Revealed»Gameinformer
Halo 4 Art Book Reveal»Waypoint
Forge Details, Female Spartans»Gameranx
Changes in Ranking Systems»Examiner
Halo 4’s Universe»CVG
Frank O’Connor Interview »gamecenterHQ
The Next Ten Years»Gameinformer
Preorder Discussion »ReadyUpLive
Future of Halo 4»The Guardian

April 2012
Halo 4 Commercials»ThisIsXbox
Gameinformer cover»Gameinformer
Halo 4 GI Details»Examiner
Q&A w/ Davidge»Facebook
Halo 4 on Conan»TBS
Sotaro Tojima Interview»Gameinformer
Halo 4 Hub»Gameinformer
May Cover Reveal»Gameinformer
The Music of Halo 4»Gameinformer
Holme’s Vision for Halo 4»Gameinformer
Changes to Multiplayer»Gameinformer
Spartan Ops»Gameinformer
GI Summary»NeoGAF
Davidge Interview»MTV
Halo 4 Confirmed Details»Fanbolt
Davidge Interview»SPIN
Davidge Interview»MTV
BTS Halo 4 Orchestra»MTV
Campaign Details»Gamepro Germany
Multiplayer Impressions »Gameinformer
The World of Halo 4»Gameinformer
Halo 4 Sound Design »Gameinformer
Halo 4 Inspirations »Gameinformer
Halo 4 Live-Action Series»Variety
The Science Behind the Halo Series »Gameinformer[/spoiler]

Interviews/Videos/Articles (June 2011-March 2012)

June 2011
Halo 4 Teaser »Waypoint. [Director’s Cut]

August 2011
Halo 4 Concept Art »Halo Fest
Halo 4 Panel »Halo Fest/IGN

March 2012
Interview with Frank O’Connor »OXM
Discussion of “Perks”»Joystiq
Interview with Wolfkill»Gametrailers
Interview with Frankie»1UP
Interview with Wolfkill»Digital Spy
Interview and article»VG24/7
Interview with Frankie»NOW Gamer
11 New Things in Halo 4»Venturebeat
What We Know So Far»Gamefan Mag
First Glimpse at Halo 4»Destructoid
Interview with Frankie»Gamereactor EU
Interview with 343i»G4TV
84 Screenshots from the ViDoc»CVG
What We Know So Far»The Little English Halo Blog
First Glimpse ViDoc Gallery»The Verge
Halo 4 Details»Yahoo!
Pushing the Xbox 360»OXM
Multiplayer/plot discussion»NOW Gamer
Interview with Wolfkill »Gamerlive.tv
Halo 4 at the MSS »Giant Bomb
Demo Report»Gamefront
Halo 4 “Darker” Tone»Wired
Halo 4/CoD comparison»1UP
ViDoc Analysis »ReadyUpLive.com
Thruster/Jet Pack confirmed video»RUL
Halo 4 Press Center»Microsoft
The “Halo” Effect»Forbes
Halo 4 Info Surfaces»USA Today
X-Play interview with 343i »G4
Halo 4: Behind the Scenes »G4
Halo 4 Bulletin»Waypoint
Halo 4 Impressions from MLG Pro “Tsquared”»G4
Halo 4 to be native 720p»Eurogamer
Interview with Frankie »LevelUp.com
Discussion of “perks”»EGMnow
Halo 4 Details»Gamerant
Halo 4 Review»Sydney Morning Herald
Halo 4 Info Blowout»Gameranx
Interview with Kiki »GTTV
Xbox Growth»MCV
How “perks” can work»OXM
Interview with Frank»VideoGamer
Fears for Halo 4»VG24/7
Halo 5,6»CVG
1st Impressions»stuff.co.nz
No Exclusive is Bigger»Gamerant
Missing MC»MCV
Josh Holmes Interview»CVG
Wolfkill Interview »InsideGaming
FPS Evolution»Atomic[/spoiler]Pre-order Bonuses

E3 2012

Various 343i Posts

Waypoint Videos








Enfinit, I think I love you.

> Enfinit, I think I love you.

I 2nd that.

excellent thread!

crap, accidentally quoted myself instead of editing… fail

also i think you’re missing this image http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/Universe/detail/halo-4-master-chief-gallery/8c0254fc-3dc5-464e-b9ef-0c6c924abcab#imageNumber=3, which is too awesome not too include!

Thanks a bunch for this topic :slight_smile:

Exclusive Waypoint Master Chief picture

I believe that is not featured in your topic.

EDIT: I was beaten to it.

Would you make or find a gif of the halo 3/4 chief comparisons?

Covies finally confirmed. Fantastic!

Are you planning on updating it when more news has been told? sneaky bump >:D

> Enfinit, I think I love you.


> I 2nd that.

<3 <3

> also i think you’re missing this image


> Thanks a bunch for this topic :slight_smile:

<3 <3 <3

> Are you planning on updating it when more news has been told? sneaky bump >:D

Absolutely! If you find anything I’ve missed, please post it here so I can add to the OP.

> Would you make or find a gif of the halo 3/4 chief comparisons?

I’m on the search now!

Awesome job.

> Covies finally confirmed. Fantastic!

Can anyone shed some light on this?

> One stop shop for all your Halo 4 news and interviews. Found mostly in random threads, combined together for your convenience.
> Making of Halo 4: First Look, via Waypoint.
> Interview with Frank O’Connor, via OXM from the Microsoft Spring Showcase.
> Discussion of “Perks”, via Joystiq.
> Interview with Kiki Wolfkill, via Gametrailers.
> Interview with Kiki Wolfkill, via Digital Spy.
> Interview and article, via VG24/7.
> Interview with Frankie, via NOW Gamer.
> GIFs (via ViDoc)
> - HUD/BR
> - HUD/Melee
> - Sheild/BR
> - Assassination
> - Master Chief helmet
> - Master Chief’s BR
> Screenshots
> - Halo 3 - Halo 4 Chief Comparison
> - Release 1
> - Release 2
> - Release 3
> Let me know if I missed anything!

Edit to my original post…This is with out a doubt our First Good look. And honestly my decision is made up on pre-ordering, I am. Question is, who to use as the Third Party.

Btw…do we know if there will be any Special things given to those who pre-order? As well as any Special Editions??

I believe I heard somewhere that Assassinations(The animations) were returning.