Halo 4 Newbie - Need Help w/ Lobbies

How on earth do you create a lobby in this game?

I’ve been sitting at this “Campaign Lobby” screen for like an hour now with no option to allow other players to join or anything. I’ve set the settings to open under “halo party” and when I go to start game, it will just start the game with only myself. Do I need to just continue to sit at this “Campaign Lobby” screen some more until someone joins? or am I missing something?

you need to invite specific people to play with you, there is no way for random people to just join you. Check on the recruiting section of the forum to find people to party up with. Hopefully H5 will have some type of custom search for this purpose.

If you need help going through the campaign let me know and i can help you out.

Thanks for the information :smiley: