Halo 4: New Xp and rank system i think would be great for halo

Halo reach introduced a system that many people dislike. The credit system and the arena system.
The credit system means that a persons rank is dependant on the amount they play (and also a bit of luck from the slot machine), rather than based on skill or winning games. The arena system required people to continuously play games, and punsihed those who has teammates leave with poor ratings. Whilst the idea had potential, it generally didn’t work, and the fact you couldn’t play ranked objective and there was only 2 (now 1) playlists for it proves it had problems.

I have some ideas to not only fix the ranking system, but also the experience system, which is not as harsh as halo 3, but will still allow for skill to shine through.

Firstly, the ranking system. For anyone who has played fifa online, the system works, by calculating the score of the match at the end, the teams that both people played as (whose was better, if any) and the skill of both players before the start of the match.
I feel this method would be great for halo matchmaking.

Imagine a line between 0 and 9999. Every 100 points would count as a level (0-99 level 1, 100-199 level 2… 9900-9999, level 99). Whatever your points are, this is the level you lie in. Everyone would start at level 1, like other games, and work their way up from there.

The system would work as follows. Like fifa, the final score would come into the equation. If you are all playing people of equal points (both teams equal) and you lose 50-0, that is a crushing defeat for people of alleged equal skill. Both teams will increase and decrease a large amount. Your individual score would also come into the equation. If again the same situation applies, but you lose 50-49, then both teams would in the first situation go up and down equally. But if one member of the losing team pluses 20, and the others all minus 7 (a combined total of -21), it is clear that he is better than not only his team, but probably many of the opposing team, he too would probably go up alot.

In the case of the teams being unequal (although hopefully trueskill would prevent this generally) imagine there is a team with all level 60’s, and the other team are all level 40’s. If the second team lost 50-49, it is clear that this is closer than the levels suggest. In this scenario the 60’s would most likely go down a bit, and the 40’s up (although the 40’s will go up more than the 60’s go down).

A combination of the team score, the individual score, the team skills and the individual skill will all come into account when calculating how much each person goes up or down (kind of like arena, but using the scores of the level aswell as the in game scores as a calculation). Note assists would also help contribute to an individuals score, (if the team lose 50-49, and the guy has no kills but 49 assists, it is clear he was a big part in the teams almost victory) For objective, the victory margins will also be looked at (eg no captures vs 5, or no time with the oddball etc) In terms of an individuals performance, kd will always play a part, with objective achievements providing bonuses to a teams and your scores ( when averaged out this would then be similar scoring to slayer games). Other bonuses such as certain medals achieved (perfection or accolades such as mvp could also be used possibly)

This would be implemented in all ranked playlists. As an added feature, there will be an average rank, based off how good you are across all playlists. Too often people in halo 3 were a 50 in doubles, but couldnt get there in lone wolves for example. Now your success will be judged across all games to get your overall rank, which can also be used as a good guideline to matchmake in scoial.

A possible idea is also for a players points to decrease if they do not play x amount of games a day/week (such as 1 games a day/5 a week). This wouldnt be much, maybe 5 points a day/ 25 a week for example, but would mean that if people got to the high ranks, they have to at least play it occasionally to maintain at that level. Too often people in halo 3 reached 50 with the help of someone, and never played it again. Preventing that would be good. Would also mean if someone didnt play for a while there skill would not be so high, so they would be matched against people a bit lower in the rankings.

The experience system would work based on an out of 10 points per game. There would be a distribution of exp throughout the gametype (could be different per gametype). This will mean people who did better in the playlist will get better rewards for there work, and this will show in their service record (kind of like win/loss record, which should also be shown). For example the distribution in a slayer gametype could be as follows:
2 points for winning a game (therefore incentive to win)
2 point for being mvp for your team (based on best k’d)
2 point for being mvp overall (based on kd)
1 point for most kills
1 point for most assists
1 point for least deaths
1 point for playing a complete match

This way it is clear that usually the best people (the winners, the mvp’s) will get more experince for there work than others, but everyone gets some sort of recognition. Obviously the above would be subject to change, based on people’s views.

For other gametypes most of those would apply, but maybe aswell as kd things such as most time on the oddball, most flag captures or just for capturing a flag or things such as stopping paople with the flag/cpaturing a territory could also be taken into account, again breaking a gametypes down into a way that they can all be quantified equally, whilst reqarding players for the thigns most important in that gametype.

Note if the armoury returns, a credit system for matchmaking campaign firefight would be welcome, but not in terms of calculating your rank. Also the rank you are in ranked is absed on exp and level, so people who want to be generals (or the higest rank (eg eclipse or spartan or whatever) have to get to 9990-9999 points, and a certain amount of exp, (meaning you have to play so much to get it (cant boost)) This means each rank has a level, aswell as having an onverall rank, based on the average and your total of exp (agian would need so much (more than normal playlists). For social playlists it would work like the halo 3 method, where you have a rank in the playlist based on the total exp.

Quitting games, another issue with halo, would result in

  1. no exp, and xp removed from the user (the exp of a user would never come into account when calculating ranked, and so people could not boost by quitting etc) A set points deduction in ranked, say 100 points (a level).
  2. the user being bloacked from joining an online game until the curent game is completed (at all times)

People’s opinions on these methods would be greatly appreciated. I think they are good ideas which match halo’s previous systems while also looking at the rewards based on how individuals and the team have performed together. People’s ideas on what else could be done would also be welcome. I really hope 343 get this system right, as i feel it was one of my main dislikes of halo reach.

Does anyone think this is a good idea?