halo 4 new enemys

obviosly halo 4 has somthing to do with the forrerunners and the flood but dont you think like a return of the covenant would be fun to like new leaders and new species and of course the return of the brutes. I mean a halo without the covenant would be very different. but i cant wait to see what 343 will do with the new trilogy so post your reguards on what you think will happen or what you think should happen.

Games have to evolve to continue, Halo 4’s main threat will not be the Covenant, the Covenant as we know it no longer exists, there are no doubt multiple factions left, but they will not be the main enemy force that we will be fighting in Halo 4.

How about we find the grunts’ home world? Gets rocket launcher ready

well i mean the “NEW ENEMY” is going to be obviosly the new but mostlikley the forrunners but wouldnt it be boring kinda fighting sentinals and forrerunners wouldnt you want to have the old taste come back

No,i want something new.