Halo 4 New enemies,vehicles,weapons old ones?

Halo 4 New enemies,vehicles, and weapons but what of the old ones? Well I would love to see in Halo 4 a return of every last weapon and vehicle in all of the halo games I say this because I heard a rumor that spectres and other old halo vehicles will be making a return, and elephants and such I just wanted some clarification on what weapons are coming back and what are out.

Also another point is no skulls like what the duck skulls have made halo more fun since halo 2 what is going on with them.

THank and quick replies would be most appreciated.

So would you want to see all of the weapons, vehicles , and enemies make a return why or why not?

( The Brutes became extinct at the end of halo 3 because the elites had genocidal assault on thier kind for the betrayal so their probably not in halo 4 )

i doubt well see all weapons because i dont think they want all the similiar weapons but older vehicles would be nice i still havent seen the gauss hog…