Halo 4 Needs separate Playlist

There are 2 kinds of people Competitive and not(social) The competitive person will be competitve on anything they do. Not because they are “try hards” but because competition is whats fun for them. i consider myself a competitive person. so when i play sports or video games i want competion thats what makes the game fun for me.if i play basketbal i wanna play to win and to try to win and the other team also trying to win.playing 4 on 4 close competitve game is whats fun to me. now the non competive person wouldnt want to play a competitive game of 4 on 4 they would want to play Horse or around the world.

Now theres nothing wrong with that. i get it, its fun for them. now if we get 4 competitive and 4 non to play basketball it would never work…if its 4 competitive vs 4 non its not going to be fun for anyone, A. because most likely the 4 competitve would win easy and that would be no fun for them because they want competition. B. it would suck for the 4 non because they would get ran over because they arent trying or they just dont care, no one would have fun. Now if you mix them 2 competitive and 2 non in each team? it still wouldnt work. the 2 competitive would be pissed that the other 2 arent trying and the 2 non would be pissed the other 2 are trying so hard. again it would ruin the game for all 8. The same thing with video games. thats why i think Halo 4 need a spical and a ranked platlist so everyone can have fun.

Do you guys agree or Disagree?

Really another one of these posts!

Totally agree with you. It’s what kinda happened with MLG and the rest of Reach.