halo 4 needs oldschool mods

Halo 4 Classic Armor and Classic Weapon skins I want this!

I say it be awesome if Halo 4 had old school mods or just classic armor and classic guns skins! Take for instance you can look like Master Chief that’s ripped straight out of Halo CE or Halo CEA. Also how fun would it be if you could have weapon skins that remind us of the past like classic BR skins and classic AR skins. Also why not a suppressor skin for the pistol that looks like the pistol in ODST. And have the real ODST helmet with a visor that gos silver to blue depending on light.

My wishlist
Halo CE Master Chief Armor from Anniversary
Halo CE Pistol skin
Halo CE Plasma Pistol skin
Halo 2 Battle Riffle skin
Halo 2 Assault Rifle skin
ODST ODST visor that will go from a silver to blue color
ODST ODST suppressor skin for Pistol

You’re kind of late to come with a wishlist.

At the end of the day I want to feel like I’m playing a Halo game giving us the options to go back to our roots with classic options just feels right. I think if you bring back the BR, and make the AR like it used to be as a great starting weapon and make it play right why not make it look right? Honestly I think the Old School players that played Halo CE,2,3 will love the idea

Yeah I may be late but if the game isn’t out till Nov. and its only September they still have time. Plus who knows they might already have all my ideas that i listed already :slight_smile: I heard a rumor that there may be old school weapon skins and since 343 made Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary they should have the real master chief looking armor from that game as a armor choice so who knows