It has come to my attention and the attention of many other players that the map sizes of the “forge maps” that 343 supplied the community with, just simply are not addiquit enough for the map sizes that the community desires. The simple solution to this reaccuring problem is to add the map “Forge World,” from the game “Halo Reach,” or at least a map of that scale in the pallet of choices for which forgers may choose from. I hope I am speaking for every Halo 4 forger out there when I say, “Halo 4 NEEDS Forge World.”
P.S: This is a re-post of a topic that was posted 15days ago and has since been moved a few pages back. If you would like to see the original it has the same title as this topic, and was posted by Garrus127.

100% agree with you. Impact is the only map that I can really enjoy forging on. Ravine and Erosion are just inadequate for my forging needs. Never mind the fact that these predefined structors are imposing and annoying to build around. Having a ‘Forge World’ or more forge maps in future would be the best option. I’m not going to hound 343i for what they’ve currently got but it seriously needs an overhaul. Further more, how about adding new(er) forge pieces. It’s a bit lame to use the same pieces from Reach despite the subtle changes.

I’ve only really become a Forger in Halo 4 because honestly I suck. I dont think a Forge World would be good unless done properly (by this I mean I dont want another giant world that features 3 colours). But it would be great to add a larger map. Or provide us with an additional 3+ Forge areas to give more choice. Maybe one based in the UNSC Infinity, one in a Forerunner city area and another in a simple terrain! So they are all vastly different :slight_smile:

Lol forge world Pfffft! We need foundry!

This guy knows what hes doing.

I agree a new Forgeworld would be nice however with the new game mechanics, such as dynamic lighting and the sheer amount of detail pumped into H4, I think a massive Forgeworld might actually crash the Xbox. I don’t really know the full capabilities of the console but it feels like H4 is pushing the 360 to its limits. That being said I would love to see a map pack geared towards forgers, three distinctly different generously sized maps open for creation. And yes the return of Foundry would be sweet.

We just need open space. All the maps feel compact and force you to work around static map objects. Not a great design for maps ‘designed for forgers.’

I personally would love to have a map the size of forg world in halo 4, but if 343i (do) introduce just one forge world I would very much like if the map had different environments withing it, that all merge together in a natural way. It world allow forgers to create much more interesting environments and game types, fore example have an environment that is like a wood with streams, clearings and forunner structures it would be a very fun slender map and just a beautiful place to explore and make machinima on (Spartan vs wild).

Spartan vs Wild, copyright Simmons4U. Jokes :slight_smile: or maybe not…

Personally as a long time forger, I do NOT want another forge world. The current 3 maps are very sufficient at almost any map a forger could want to make. They are not nearly as small as people make them out to be, as well the individual forge pieces on each map make for very intriguing map forging giving a forger a chance to make each map feel/look different than another. Unlike forge world where everything looked the same.

> Personally as a long time forger, I do NOT want another forge world. The current 3 maps are very sufficient at almost any map a forger could want to make.

Wow! I have to disagree a million times with you here.

Sufficient my butt. There is not one map that offer a nice flat surface to forge in at all. All the maps have too many hill or rounded areas.

This has been said in many many threads, so its pretty obvious that we want forge worlds, not maps…

Maybe if we correctly state things, we’d get what we want.

A forge Map is three maps in one, which is called a Forge World. Well, precisely what bungie did for reach…

Anyhow, Yes, We want Forge Maps on MM, and we all want Forge Worlds more then one, but apparently it won’t happen anytime soon, then a TU happens the 13 of JAN, so who knows…

I hope us Forgers get a Forge World, bigger then the ones are claimed to be, and which allow for a space environment, a land environment, a water environment, a above water environment, and a above cloud environment, all in one forge world. That would please everyone and including me, especially if the only kill boundaries were 5 feet below the water, and invisible walls limiting the height in outer space, and kill zones on the sides, but not the height, so you could drop from space to water as human.

That is my want but not possible and therefore everyone should stop begging for something 343i already knows.