Halo 4 Needs Custom Game Matchmaking !

OK,so imagine being able to play custom games as much as you wanted. A lot of people aren’t even able to see the many things Halo 4 actually has to offer.Its kind of sad that the whole community cant see the brilliant creations that people have created. From mini-games, to competitive maps, to racetracks, Halo 4 could provide even more extra hours of entertainment. 343 should take advantage of forge and use it to their advantage ! So basically, there would be a custom games matchmaking, which would allow players to choose and join custom game sessions that are being hosted by players. This way,you would always have someone to play with ! The hosts could be able to have a choice to select if they want their game to appear on the custom search list or not. If the players don’t like the match they join, they could simply just quit and find a new one. There are so many maps that me and my friends enjoy. We literally have a blast! All halo players should have this experience but not all of them can. This would also expand the community and make us way more interactive with Halo Universe. Games like call of Duty and Battlefield cant do this. So if 343i were to implement this into ( Hopefully halo 4 some day ) Halo 5 the possibilities could be endless.

Do you think they should add this to Halo 4 ?

Yes, but they have to disable commendations for that playlist. Because players can just boost them in the playlist, so disabling them for ONLY that playlist would discourage boosters.

I voted no on this because knowing how people love to boost their stats to look like they have a lot more skill than they actually do. I can only imagine how they would boost their stats if the controlled the whole map layout. If you want to play customs go to this site: http://halocustoms.com/

The community there is great. It is founded by the crew at The Halo Forge Epidemic (THFE) which makes incredible maps for both competitive, and casual mini-games.