Halo 4 Need better covie Weapons

In Reach, almost all covies guns suck compared to their counter parts, there is almost no reason to pick them up.

The plasma pistol is beast, you’re better off not charging it in Reach. Takes more skill that way :stuck_out_tongue:

NR and Focus Rifle notwithstanding, the covie weapons are generally inferior. However, as of late the Plasma Repeater has been surprising me with both kills and deaths.

Ar is better than repeater in almost every way, you see elites pick them up in invasion stage 1 all the time, but there are almost no spartans that are willing to pick those up unless they run out of ammo on both starting weapons.

Bring back the Beam Rifle, baby!

> Bring back the Beam Rifle, baby!

I’d settle for the BETA Focus Rifle.

Plasma Rifle.
Plasma Pistol.
Needle Rifle.

Those are all fine, and I LOVE the Plasma Pistol rapidfired. Charge it on me and you’re a massive tool, rapidfire it until I die and I will laugh the rest of the game.

The Focus Rifle is OK… Vastly outpaced and I wouldn’t mind seeing it ALONGSIDE the Beam Rifle, but not instead of it.

The Plasma Launcher is OK… Same situation: Outpaced by the counterpart, but good in a different way.

The Plasma Repeater? I don’t know who designed that, but I hope that was all they did, I’ll say that much.

Needler turns to lolrifle against any vehicle.

I just want my Carbine
My flamethrower
a plasma repeater/rifle with stun on it… or at least some stopping power…
a warthog that doesn’t fly more often than it drives…
a gausshog that doesn’t shoot through everything:)
a plasma launcher with better homing and speed
more grenades again… I miss my spike grenades and flame grenades :slight_smile:
missile pod and flamethrower:)

Whether it’s that you can buy a helmet and it changes how your HUD looks… your armor actually affecting your life… your wrist piece or whatever affecting recoil/bullet spread/(oh god please no) bloom/upping your damage…

I know you’ll say OMG COD but umm… I want customization that effects gameplay in some way, whether it’s purely aesthetic (HUD) and just helps you when it comes to personal preference or gives a combat advantage of some sort… I just want to see… a real leveling system where your character grows and changes… a mock rpg if you will…

When Reach came out I thought you would be able to choose your armor ability and your armor would add things to gameplay… loadouts are good… just not what I was expecting.

Sorry it’s 2 in the morning… normally I keep all of my stupid ideas to myself :confused:

can we edit vehicle speed and damage… I’d love you forever 343 if you’d let us:)
vehicle gravity
I know it’s in the code… I’ve seen it… just let us edit the values:)
same with weapon ROF and maybe… projectile swaps/ speed of travel… rate of travel… whatever… I think I’m gonna call it a night… :slight_smile: be on in the morning.

Better Covie weapons? How about just not nerfing them into oblivion. The Repeater and Plasma Launcher were awesome weapons in the Reach beta, but they got nerfed highly in the final product and as a result nobody uses them unless they don’t have much of an alternative (ex. Elite Slayer).

The designs for the covenant weapons are actually better than the human weapons, the only reason why the seem weaker is because Bungie tried to balance them. I do agree that they do need to be more powerful, aren’t they supposed to be more advanced?

I have gotten kills with the plasma launcher that would actually be impossible with ANY other weapon in the game.

When the covenant came and glassed reach, you’d figure their weapons would be a dominating factor in the struggle for Reach and even Halo. They’re supposed to be WAY advanced compared to the UNSC counterparts so I don’t really understand having to Balance EVERYTHING like that… Covy weapons were supposed to be beast… now theyre just sad… I do like picking up the Repeater in TS/SS because people honestly don’t know how to handle what looks like an invisible elite spraying them with plasma… xD

> > Bring back the Beam Rifle, baby!
> I’d settle for the BETA Focus Rifle.

Sorry to hate, but the Focus Rifle is pretty much a water gun like one clever poster on b.net or 343i put.


OMG COD :wink:

Just kidding. Aesthetic changes like your HUD colour or shape? Sounds fine to me, because it doesn’t affect me. Weapon upgrades visually? Also fine by me.

Attachments, [Armour Abilities], effective armour? No thanks.

PP: Keep it as in Reach.
Plasma Rifle: Make it like in Halo CE (freezing effect).
Needler: Keep it as it is Reach.
Covie 3 shot burst utility weapon, anyone?
Energy Sword: Keep it as in Halo 3.

> Plasma Rifle: Make it like in Halo CE (freezing effect).

I’ll leave the rest but I must take issue with this: Freezing effect?

I’m not familiar with what you’re describing but anything that you could do to hamper my ability to move in game is not awesome, in my opinion.

It’s like the Concussion Rifle, and it starts to cross the boundaries between treating your opponents as players or as bots. CoD treats enemies as bots: simply things to be shot at for kills to be racked up, and that’s why it’s so easy to kill opponents.

Halo has always had fair combat, too, prior to Reach. Anything you can do to hamper me is really pushing the boundaries on that too…

IMO All we need is the beam rifle back. The plasma repeater can get the -Yoink- out too.

> IMO All we need is the beam rifle back. The plasma repeater can get the Yoink! out too.

Glad someone out there agrees. Also I would rather the Beam Rifle be a 14 shot weapon (or whatever it was) again like we had in Halo 2. Seeing the Halo 3 beam only have 10 shots was a pretty big let down.

The Focus Rifle is a right joke and but an assist machine. It’s rather pathetic.