Halo 4 need a competitive ranking system.

Please can we get a competitive ranking system for Halo 4, similar to that in Halo 2 and 3. Halo 2 & 3 brought so much competition to gaming and forced players to pair up to work as a team, making the game more social. I still today have friends from halo 2 that i still play with as a result of the competition. Since halo reach the game has become a more casual game where there is no reward for winning games and no need to play with friends as it is much simpler to Que. with randoms. I mean no disrespect to those players who enjoy playing games, that are a grind like call of duty, where there is no motivation to win and taking part is what counts. However Halo has always gone above the call of duty (apart from reach) to make it more than just a game, where winning is important.

The game is general is good, love the graphics and controls. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK THE BR, DMR isn’t the same.

they are next year.

> they are next year.

The CSR update coming next year is only web based. This means will never be implemented in game. Only on halo waypoint which is pointless. For more info and want to be in game support this thread https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst135168_1-50-Competitive-Skill-Rank-CSR--MUST-READ.aspx

The ranks need to be visible. Please make them visible

I think 343 need to consider that the problem was that the 10 year olds were soooo bad and could not get a 50 in halo 3 and so bought account wrecked the competitiveness of this game. I live in Australia and have awful lagg when playing as a result of host servers, however i still managed to achieve many 50s in many play lists. Please do not kill halo because of the lack of patience and skill of some people, that bought accounts, dont wreck it for the loyal players.