Halo 4; my thoughts

So Halo 4 has just been revealed to the world and I, like thousands of others, are making their judgements. While it is clear that some are jumping to misguided, premature conclusions, here are my honest thoughts on what we have seen.

Graphics: Looking great, everything looks extremely well detailed and looks fantastic on the 360. Loving the art style and character animations/models as well as weapons. To all those saying it looks ugly or jagged, know this. The game is far from finished, This is most likely alpha if not pre-alpha software, they will smooth everything out

Music: Sounds awesome from just one track, I loved Marty’s music and I’m going to love Sotaro’s. Halo has to evolve and the soundtrack is new yet familiar

Campaign: Looks amazing, cannot wait to continue Chief’s story in this strange new world. I have always mainly played Halo for it’s Campaign. Don’t get me wrong I have always thoroughly played and loved Halo’s other game modes but I just REALLY love Halo for it’s epic story, its rich mythos and extremely enjoyable missions

Multiplayer: Also looks pretty good, little concerned over the BR, seems like it could be an over-used weapon, but it’s most likely 343 saying everyone calm down the BR is back, faster kill times, sprint, looking good cannot wait

Perks and Progression I am not too sure, but then again, nobody has seen them. I am seeing people screaming “Z0mgs this r Call of Halo: Modern Reach-fare” but Im mostly cool with it, I mean think about it, they aren’t going to directly copy the progression system and perks are they? They will suit it to Halo and balance it. Besides the Multiplayer has to change, change is something a lot of people hate saying oh nos this isn’t Halo. But then how will the franchise ever evolve and keep its fans happy? Give them a reason to buy each installment? I don’t fear change, I embrace it with guns blazing.

Anyway just my opinion, loving what I have seen and cannot wait to see more

I think the game looks great… The perks sound like a cool idea i just hope they aren’t copies of cods…

I have seriously been All over the internet watching and reading everything i can. i can’t begin to tell you how excited i am for this game. All my expectations are through the roof right know. i expected it to be good but IMO this looks amazing there trying to make people happy by giving them certain things and i give them credit. That being said
This community is freaking ridiculous not everyone ^^guys above me are open minded while still being wary. But a large group a freaking out about what seems to me to be nothing. I think 343 is smart enough to learn from the mistakes from previous halo titles. and what there doing, from what i have seen. It look spectacular. im so excited i cant explain how excited i am.