Halo 4 mutliplayer

It’s almost been a month, Matchmaking has been improved a little bit but it is still far from what it should of been. It will take a while to fix it and I am OK with it. But what I am not ok is axing Halo 4 mutliplayer for this long. I do get that it’s not as popular as other modes but there are still people there who want to play it. 99% of the times in BTB when Halo 4 is an option it gets up voted to the top but then people leave at start/mid game. People want to play it and the only way that they can is filled with griefers. It would of been ok with if was a 1-2 week long take down but it gonna be a month soon. I enjoy Halo 4 more than others because it puts everyone on the same level as well as feel a bit more modern, you made this game, please let me play YOUR game.

Halo 4 fan.

PS: arguments such as ‘‘well if you like Halo 4 why wont you play it on Xbox 360?’’ are not tolerable.

agreed.I would love a H4 playlist only. Who cares iif people think H2A is better…by the looks of halo 5, halo 4 is currently the closest thing to it. Stay modern people.

Played halo 4 btb the other day with a bud and that was the first time in a very long time i have had to much fun playing halo 4. It looks gorgeous on xbox one.