Halo 4 Music, Campaign, and for the PC?

Hey, all! I loved the music, and the beautiful campaign! I watched the whole tutorial/walkthrough in two days! That’s right… I WATCHED it all because Microsoft won’t release a PC version of all their XBOX 360 games. I’m highly disappointed with MS because of this. For me, I can only afford my PC and I do all of my gaming through it or an emulator for the older first-gen XBOX systems. I was very angry at the end of the game walkthrough and I want to feel the power of the new weapons for myself. I want to let 343i know that they will get A LOT more business if they release Halo 4, and Halo: CE (REMASTERED) for PC, and also save money on those who steal the game and hack it so it will work for a PC. I can’t say how well that has worked in the past, but… just making a point. I really hope that MS and 343i will release these games and the future Halo games as they may come out.


So let me get this straight. You can afford a computer that could possibly run Halo 4 perfectly fine but not a 150 USD Xbox?

That makes sense