Halo 4 murdered the Halo Franchise.

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J up Halo Reach Arena.

No, the mentality that you and the very small minority that plague the forums 24/7 is what’s killing Halo. Your constant crying and self entitlement ranting is not just destroying a specific franchise, but the entire gaming industry.

You know, they said that about Reach too, but guess what, Halo is still going strong judging by the amount of sales. As long as it has “Halo” in the title, people will buy it since it’s such an iconic franchise.


If you’re going to insult me, at least do me the courtesy of using proper grammar. :wink:

It’s been said in other threads, get it off your chest and enjoy time on the front page till it joins the three hundred other post like it somewhere in the back pages of the forum.