halo 4 multiplayer problems.

from what i’ve heard is that in multiplayer is that different armor will be better or worse (gameplay wise instead of just looks) than other armors witch means that a player at rank 1 is equipment wise worse then a player at rank 10 because of the equipment he has. for example armor that can only be unlocked at rank 10 may have more protection or more shields then the default armor, witch is not what halo is suppose to be. it’s suppose to be where a rank 1 guy is equal to a rank 10 guy equipment wise and that the only deciding factor is the players skill and not his armor. also i’ve heard that as you rank up you’ll be able to unlock loadouts and unlock weapons to add to your loadouts witch just means that the multiplayer is now like stupid cod.

please tell me if i’m wrong about the armor and/or the loadouts and give me your tow cents about it.


no. Armor does not give you advantages. they are purely aesthetic. there are “perks” not going to list them since they are still considered leaked at this point. but from looking at them there seems like only 1 perk that could be OP and i don’t even know what it does. can only make assumptions based on the name for now.

as far as unlock weapons is true. how ever you cannot unlock power weapons so things like the PP needler DMR BR etc. can be unlocked though.

DEAD wrong. Honestly, I should hit you for saying such a foolish thing.