Halo 4 multiplayer issue

(I don’t know if this is the right place to mention issues but I can’t find another way)

Ever since I got The Master Chief Collection (25th December) every halo 4 game I have tried to play on multiplayer starts fine then after 1 minute or so it says everyone has quit and I have won due to default. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to stop this? (just to be clear it is every halo 4 game type; big team battle or just the halo 4 one. And this only effects halo 4)


That’s not an issue Bro :smiley: it’s your Internet… is it in Open Nat?

yeah it’s open :confused: and it every other game in MCC matchmaking is fine and no other games I have for xbox one or 360 do this so I don’t understand how it could be my internet, unless I’m being an idiot haha

i got the same issue!
Halo 4 multiplayer MCC is ls feeling like BF4, shortly after launchcan anyone suggest any fix?