Halo 4 Multiplayer ideas

hmmm well i would like hayabusa maybe mk 1V spi helmet take of pilot being able to play as diffrent members of the covenent {one playlist only for balancing reasons].
the ability to scratch on things on your visor like emiles but lots of options
more playlists elite honor guard armor more armor the ability to create.
Your own helmet and chest diffrent options for mechanical arm such as a gold arm and stuff.
Adjusting the looks and height of your spartan facial features and the ablility to play without a helmet more voices the ability to duell wield [maybe].
And for halo 4 to play as a forerunner and paricipate in the flood forerunner war maybe in flashbacks from mercidant bias and that just about sums it up.
i know most of these would be impossible for halo 4 but if its for the 720 who knows