Halo 4 multiplayer greivances

I am a huge halo fan, and I’m pretty competitive. So obviously I play alot of multiplayer, and the thing that makes me the most frustrated is bad teammates. Now, by no means am I saying that I am amazing at this game, I do make mistakes during games. But i don’t think u should have to backpack my entire team until the end of the game. what i am thinking is doing a patch that allows players to choose skill based matches. for instance, allow me to choose players that have a similiar K/D ratio so that the matches are still competitive while not being overly frustrating. i dont know if other players feel the same about this topic, and that is ok. we could do it like halo 3 where similiar ranks were usually paired up, but since ranks dont really matter anymore we cant. maybe if enough people agree with me we can get something like this going.