Halo 4 Multiplayer Game types

One thing that I have always wanted to with Halo is to put teams of different abilities in the game but I don’t mean in the skill of players abilities but the strengths, weakneses, primary and secondary colour of each team etc. for example one team could be really fast, could jump high but have quite low health, while other teams could be slower, do more damage and take more hits, and have many many teams at once with all different qualities and traits, you may see this to be slightly unfair… maybe, but imagine the different custom games you could make with a game type like this for Example… SUPERHERO’s O__O

I know it sounds a bit odd for a game like this but this is something i’ve always wanted to do in previous Halo games, seeing as you could have traits and powerups to do the things like a superhero game type but never having the ability to use them all at once in a game, for example giving a player sprint when theyre speed is turned up making them run faster then everything (flash), or even give them a jetpack, a beam rifle and make him red and yellow and you got Iron man…

This is one of the things i would love to have in multiplayer… well that and ODST drop pods involved in multiplayer somewhere, and now i’m starting to wonder what other people have thought for game types and such for Halo :smiley: