Halo 4 multiplayer disappontments

well well well I just finished reading the gameinformer halo 4 article and was excited until I see “Halo 4 lets players apply gameplay-changing upgrades to their character much likemuchlike Call of Duty or Battlefield.” instantly my heart drops and disappontment sets in. “how can they do this?” I think “the only reason I ever played halo multiplayer more than anything else was that it was the only popular game that wasnt like Call of Duty”. Halo multiplayer is like nothing else you spawn you run for the weapons trying to get there before the other guy because if you get that rockets your team can win. it was an even playing ground but now its going to be like I try to get to the rockets but the guy with speed boots got there and the guy that can shoot with 2x damage took me out. yes, its my dream Call of Duty sci-fi edition :frowning: . This idea was good when CoD 4 came out now its just an overused system that ruins many games for me. Iwould play a games multiplayer and imediantly whent back to halo because it wasnt the same well I need a red dot sight for my m16 guess I have to kill people and I need scavanger Guess I need to become a level 34.i also see this idea of spartan points and think oh no its cod points again. Ever wonder why they didnt put those in MW3? soon Halo will be another one of those games were multiplayer=the same as everything else. guess I have to brush up on those Halo 3 skills. and as my final words THANK YOU Bungie for not falling into the CoD trap you will forever be my favorite game company. 343 I am fully disapponted in you.

What’s it like to live in the future?

Oh don’t be such a kill joy

> What’s it like to live in the future?

GOOD ONE :smiley:

Seriously now NOTHING in that magazine aside from a few pretty pictures was appealing to me. Not even Spartan ops; 343 could have learned from Bungie’s mistakes of FF and build on to it; instead they decide to do something else; COD-I mean errr… Spartan points, Forunner vision, attachments…what in sam hell are they thinkin’?! Ill play COD /battlefield when I want to, And I i want to play halo when I want to play halo not Halo 4: Space COD

I think they said that to get CoD fanboys to notice it. Maybe??? I mean I know it is taking steps in that direction but it won’t be a carbon copy.

I wasnt saying it will be a carbon copy just that it will be extremely similar. Most of the games that try to replicate this dont do it nearly as well as CoD did. I loved CoD 4 and WaW but MW2 fun but its geting extremly repetative Black Ops dont talk to me about it and by the time MW3comes out Im just thinking well its the same thing as the last 4 games

I’m not gonna lie, I am definitely not a fan of people earning gameplay elements and loadouts. While the exact definition of Halo gameplay is often elusive, I feel that the lack of an RPG style gameplay customization system is definitely part of Halo’s foundation.

Not that I didn’t like the Reach system, but this move basically ensures the existence of a credit system like in Reach. The part I don’t like is that now the things you earn for playing longer are more than just aesthetic, they’re functional.

Dear lord, the community is going to riot over this.

completely agree