Halo 4 Multiplayer Achievement Group

I have been struggling on getting many of the achievements in Halo 4 multiplayer due to many peoples lack of DLC purchases, I have every achievement in every other Halo game (Excluding the 3 versions of Spartan Assault for now). I am going to start 2 8-man groups of players on July 12th to grind all of the achievements that we need.

Many of the achievements that are needed can be accomplished through big team battle, but some cannot, so when all BtB obtainable achievements have been gained, we will split off and go into other playlists such as Action Sack (For Ricochet) and so on. When your sign up i will edit this post as needed, achievements will be awarded in the order listed for quick completion. If you would like to sign up, please leave your Gamertag, as well as achievements needed, we will not be pursuing achievements in other games (for now). If you sign up after we have 16 people, you will be put on the backup list in case of no shows, or people getting kicked.

Rules to Sign Up:
1: Have Halo 4
2: Have All Halo 4 DLC’s
3: Please Use a Headset, if you don’t, you may be kicked. English Only Please.
4: Please try to be available for the entire time frame, if you cant, then let us know as soon as possible.

Game : Halo 4 - Multiplayer + DLC

Time : July 12th - Eastern:9PM-12AM, Pacific:6PM-9PM

Team 1
A1: Berserk on XBL - 14 Achievements


Team 2
C1: HC PillarofFire - 10 Achievements



Crimson : Harvest - Shatter - Wreckage
Bigfoot ------------ 20G - A1,
Clay Pigeon -------- 40G - A1,
David and Goliath – 20G -
Now they Fly? ------ 50G - A1,C1,
ODST --------------- 30G -
Pump Yer Brakes – 30G -
Size is Everything - 20G - A1,
Special Delivery — 30G -

Majestic : Landfall - Monolith - Skyline
Bird of Prey ------------ 50G - A1,C1,
Bullet Sponge ---------- 30G -
Callin’ in the Big Guns - 40G -
Clever Girl ------------- 10G -
Didn’t See in Comin’ — 10G - A1,C1,
Flash of Light ---------- 30G - A1,C1,
I See You! -------------- 10G -
I Thrust at Thee ------- 20G -
Last Man Grinning ---- 20G -
Pigs Can Fly ----------- 20G - C1,

Castle : Daybreak - Outcast - Perdition
Ashes to Ashes ----------- 10G - C1,
Beating up the Beat ------ 30G -
Dodge This! --------------- 20G -
Hello Nurse! --------------- 30G -
Outta My Way! ------------- 20G -
Scrapyard ----------------- 30G -
Sightseeing ---------------- 20G -
That Won’t Save You ------- 30G - C1,
What is Yours is Also Mine - 40G -

Champions/Bullseye : Vertigo - Pitfall
Can’t Catch Me ----- 20G - A1,
From Downtown ---- 25G - A1,C1,
Got it! --------------- 20G - A1,
Hat Trick ------------ 33G - A1,C1,
Just a Scratch ------ 20G - A1,
One Man Army ------ 27G -
Pitchin’ a Tent ------ 40G -
Protect This House - 30G - A1,C1,
Repeat Survivor ---- 25G -
Shocking ------------ 10G - A1,

Rules of this Group:
1: If everyone does not have their achievements, please do not leave. If you leave without reason and you have all of your achievements, you will not be allowed to participate again.
2: Please don’t complain that we haven’t helped you yet, we will do these achievements in the order listed above, we will get to you eventually, just be patient.
3: If you start any trouble, you will be kicked and not allowed to participate again.
4: I will kick you if I deem it necessary, just play nice.

How this event will work:
1: All players will “Submit Player Review -> Prefer Player” each other.
2: Achievements will be done one DLC at a time, each Squad will co-ordinate as to what achievement is being done and who is doing it, do not be greedy.
3: During big team battle matches, “A” Squad will work with “C” Squad, “B” will work with “D”. “A” and “B” will communicate as to what has been done after each match. A1 and C1 will be party leaders during this time.
4: During 4v4 Matches, “A” will work with “C”, “B” with “D”. Co-operating squads need to search for matches at the same time, to improve chances of matching up. A1, B1, C1, and D1 will be party leaders during this time.
5: Any Playlist that restricts required game play features (Swat, Snipers, etc.) and/or are not 8v8 or 4v4 will not be played, so that all participants can be included.
6: Any remaining achievements at this point will be worked on.

Mmmm, boostilicious.