Halo 4 Multi-player Map Ideas

As halo 4 lacks any very small maps i I have some halo multiplayer map ideas please read them and tell me what you think of them as it would be much appreciated : #1 : New Mombasa - Team Snipers. Based of Halo 3:ODST : Hight vantage points scattered throughout the map give any player that’s willing to risk it a height advantage . Overtopped cars make for good cover players walking the long stretches of roads . A bridge lays to the left hand side of the map leaving players exposed but giving them a clear view of the map , this can be flanked by both the stair case entrances. The darknes of the map can be used for stealth and tactics . : #2 : Lich - 1v1 Set in a Lich ship as in the campaign , this small maps makes for deadly close quarter firefights . The lack of cover makes being shoot at any second a reality . : #3 : Turning Point - 2 v 2 Set on the planet mars at a abandoned train station this map makes for mad 2 v 2 maps . The derailed train provides great cover but is easily flank able . The train station itself would provide great close encounter shootouts and have many hiding places

Nobody’s listening, and the DLC we’ve already had and are going to get in February and April will have been ready and playable before November 6th 2012. No point in listing what you would like.

That is just the logic of game designers nowadays, release a game with as few maps as possible then hold a few back for the DLC cash grab.

Im still trying to figure out what map I want to make =\

I’m listening…