Halo 4 Mulitplayer Review

Halo 4 Multiplayer Review (Written by xl Prado lx)
If I had to describe this game to a person who was lying on ground, dying, I would say “They were SO close!” What were they close to?
Halo 4 was the closest to beating Halo 2 since 3. That is a big thing from me, a guy who hates most mainstream games. I’m a huge fan of the Halo series, and I haven’t missed a single title. My story with Reach was special, Halo 3 was actually boring to me, and I think Halo 1 is the worst Halo (When compared to the series)
Going on from what I said about CE, each new Halo improves upon its predecessors in some ways. All the way up to ODST, we see phenomenal improvements. Then, Reach showed us a different playing game that failed to cater to its casual market. After, I see Halo 1 Anniversary. I was a little worried from what I saw, because I didn’t see any improvements on the game as far as gameplay is concerned. That made me and 343 not so good friends.
With leaks, trailers, and gameplay being littered into Youtube before its release I was impressed with what I saw. I even had some thumbs up from some Pros, making me sigh in relief. Finally, the game comes out and all my friends pick it up on midnight. They grow to hate it, even the newcomers.
But, all my friends had a record of terrible judgment and I wasn’t gonna believe them. I just told myself, “They’re just butthurt, nothing to worry about.” Who would’ve known I would join them in casual rage sessions?!
As the title states, this is a multiplayer ONLY review. Imo, the Campaign was fantastic and Spartan Ops was uninspired. Anyway, I’ll start from the beginning of purchase.
The second disc could not be more of a waste of plastic. You put it in, install the multiplayer, and switch back to the first disc. You’ll never use that second disc! (WARNING: This review is nitpicky, but it all adds up)
Upon starting the game for real, you’ll see that the main menu has been downgraded. Gone is the extremely conventional Reach menu. I’ll have you know, there is no excuse for this other than to give more evidence that this game is a reboot. I’m serious; I looked at the interface and said “GOOD GOD, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU! T.T”
The Reach menu was the most organized and easy to navigate menu in Halo so far. This game gives it the finger and walks away. Before, I didn’t have to worry about not having a HDTV, but now I do! I’m being serious, why is the text so small?! AND WHY IS EVERYTHING BLUE??!!! None of this would’ve been a problem had they just kept to the Reach style and improved upon it! I don’t even want to go into how it isn’t even finished. (File Share & Theater)
Matchmaking Searching/Playlists
For the first time in my Halo career, I have to bite my nails in fear hoping that we get even teams. Why? Oh wait, JOIN IN PROGRESS. Searching doesn’t prioritize on even teams, expecting the join in progress feature to fill in the gaps. What were they thinking? I don’t want to play Halo and hope to have backup when I’m outnumbered 1 to 3!! This is a step back, and it can cause some unbearable situations. (Thankfully, there is no penalty to leaving as far as I know) Join in progress is no excuse for this, and I hope they fix this.
Now, I’m going to compliment the game. I loved the selection of playlists! It stuck to the core of Halo, and it even offered Flood for the guys who didn’t care. Great job 343, keep up the good work on these playlists!
Good god, why 343. Why. Why. Why 343.
I can accept them putting in classes, I can do it. As long as they don’t copy paste the concept, and instead adjust it to Halo! They don’t, and it is really hurting this game. The grenade and sidearm category is NOT necessary! WHY THE F*** WOULD YOU LET PEOPLE CHOOSE GRENADES?! WHY? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! If I’ve learned anything about customization in Halo, it is that you don’t let people in charge of your game.
EVERYONE chooses the plasma grenade. “Oh wait, Prado, not everyone uses i-“
Everyone uses plasma grenades, and when they know they won’t win they’ll resort to spamming stickies. (If you’re good at Halo, this happens to you CONSTANTLY) Was the sidearm category even necessary? Honestly, the plasma pistol is the really rude uncle at a family reunion.
“Hey! The whole family is here- oh, who invited him.”
“Sorry… we couldn’t just ignore him. It wouldn’t be right.”
This is just annoying, and will constantly bother you. There is no escaping it; you will see stickies and the occasional plasma pistol. (Don’t say the plasma pistol isn’t that bad, they changed the sound so that it isn’t even discernible among gunfire now)
Moving onto armor. The armor isn’t that cool in this game. Only the helmets are good, and the other pieces just aren’t that distinctive. The stances and visors are cool, making you want to level up if you care about it. Leveling up is laughably easy, making the game feel unrewarding. I’m bored already, and I bought this thing a week ago.

Ordinance, the newest and main feature in Halo 4 multiplayer, sucks. Of course, you have the first drops and those are ok. Just your normal power weapons, some placements are more debatable than others. What I’m saying that sucks though is the killstreaks. Killstreaks are completely random, and aren’t adjusted to the map you play on. You could literally get any weapon, no matter what map you are on. It isn’t even that hard to get one! Eventually, even some n00b will get one.
This is where the game mainly fails. You aren’t punished for dying, you will eventually get an ordinance and so will the enemy. A complete n00b will be given an incinerator on HAVEN! This turns Halo into a crazy and unbalanced arena shooter! Everyone is running with power weapons, and the maps aren’t designed for that!
The maps in this game are fantastic! Some of the best in this series even! BUT. They weren’t designed for all these random ordinances and grenade spams! The maps feel like they were designed for Classic Halo, and it shows when you play Slayer Pro.
^This is my biggest gripe in Halo, and it is completely game breaking.
Some Significant Nitpicks
This is the loudest Halo ever. The sound system has been completely redesigned, and it is actually downgraded. Reach & 3 were very silent games which helped you discern the exact distance and direction of shots and footsteps easily.
This is much harder to do now. I played in three different setups. One with my Tritton AX720’s, Turtlebeach X12’s, and my Surround Sound Speaker system in my man cave. Significantly harder, but not to the point where it isn’t there. There is just too much guess work and not enough precision to my liking.
Speaking of precision… scoping in and out. A lot of you knew I was going to mention this. It doesn’t take any argument to say that this change was not needed. For those who don’t know, whenever you were shot in past Halo games when aiming down the sights (ADS) you would be forced out of your scope. Now, if you’re shot while ADS you aren’t forced out of your scope. THIS SUCKS.
Part of the skill to Halo was in this concept! This was major to sniping, since it forced you to no-scope if you wanted to survive a close up fight. Not now! This has been replaced with recoil! When shot while ADS your sight will be shoved upward slightly. This can be easily adapted to, making recoil a terrible balancing tool.

Some Weapons need to be thrown away. The Binary Rifle is the definition of OP. The Incinerator is insane, and the Carbine and BR don’t stand up to the Light Rifle (Hip) and DMR.
Just want to throw in a compliment. The grenades are perfect in this game. (By themselves, they’re still spammed beyond belief) Also, thank you for the grenade indicator. Whoever finally put that in deserves a dinner and night with me :wink:
Armor Abilities
Sprint: I know it’s default, shut up. I just shoved it in here. Honestly, I don’t even use it. It is pointless, especially when shot. That is my big gripe with this. When shot while sprinting, you’ll be slowed down to walking speed, but you’ll still be sprinting! Why not just force us back into walking?! Instead, we have to take those precious 45 milliseconds into getting out of sprint.
Hologram: Awesome, truly a good and balanced armor ability. You can’t kill someone with it, doesn’t protect you directly, doesn’t hurt your team, it just distracts enemies. True support.
Thruster Pack: WHAT A JOKE. This thing is a joke! 9/10 times if they thrust toward me I slap them dead! It only sends them a whole body forward!
Hardlight Shield: Pretty good. Good defense/support ability. But… WHY DOES IT GOTTA BE BLUE?
Auto Sentry: Laughably weak. It really is a beginner’s trap, and once you know it is weak it’ll be no threat.
Promethean Vision: Thank the lord they nerfed it after E3. This is honestly the best this ability could ever be at. A lot of people hate this, but it lets you see through WALLS. Of course it is annoying, but at least it’s meter is balanced.
Jet Pack: It is back in all its horribly grime. It has a significant nerf, but it still does what it could do before. It just has shorter window of opportunity to do so.
Active Camo: Why… WHY?! Jet Pack, Armor Lock, and THIS were the things that did NOT need to come back. I wonder what they were thinking when they made this…
“Why don’t we let them become invisible whenever we want?!!”
“Hold on, that is pretty cool but… do we really need to put it in? At least let it have a giant drawback”
“What?.. No. Who cares.”
It really doesn’t help that the dots are now BLUE!!! The same color as the radar and everything else in this game!!
Regenerator: Double Edge Floppy Sword. Helps any team, blurs vision and distorts sounds, but heals pretty dam fast. I’m indifferent towards it. It doesn’t do anything bad though.
This game is… Ok. But, I will not sit down and say this game is balanced. Because it isn’t and I can’t believe 343 would release this. My friend had his rank and purchases reset, and + the fact that the File Browser and Searching are broken just show how unfinished this is. But, before I finish… This game is a reboot. I can’t help but make a couple of comparisons to the infamous game Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 for XBOX/PS3.
Everything in the series has been changed! (Its k, this is spoiler free) Master Chief’s look is completely changed along with his character! Cortana is much more witty and sassy, a rather small thing in the past. Heck, the pair speak much more than ever. Good thing, though.
The Covenant are fighting you again. The art style is much different, putting a GIANT EMPHASIS on lighting. The Flood have been sacked. Marty’s music has been replaced by what is no doubt the WORST composer ever! Here is an analogy I made about him. He is like the huge bags of bootleg cereal that try to act like the mainstream cereal brands. But the greatest proof that this game is a reboot is the complete REDCON of the Didact’s true opinion (book version) of humans, which is nothing like how it is in this game.
Everything is different, and it is kind of refreshing. Well, it depends on your tolerance of the color blue. But, whatever we had in the past is NEVER coming back. I miss my Sonic Adventure, and now I’ll miss my Classic Halo.
So, if you haven’t bought this yet, is it a rent or buy? RENT. The campaign is great, definitely something you shouldn’t miss. But, Spartan Ops is very uninspired and lackluster and not worth catching up on. It is nice to have, but you won’t miss out. The multiplayer… so hard to like. Rating: 7/10


I’m reserving my opinion until they put in a local only search option.

So that means there never will be one! :smiley:

Oh my god… This sucks. I finally accomodated this review, and it glitches out and says it is too long.
Back to the drawing board with my head hanging in shame T.T

[EDIT] Never Mind, fixed! I missed a couple of nitpicks, but for the most part i’m done. Also, when I made this review I hadn’t finished the campaign. My opinion is still the same, the Campaign is great and Spartan Ops is uninspired. If anything, The campaign can bring it up to a 7.5, but i’m keeping the rating as is.
7 is really high on my book, too. Unlike mainstream reviewers, I use lower numbers. 5 is average, 7 is awesome, 10 is perfect, and 3 is really flawed.

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> Oh, and bump for justice since this review went to page 2 while it was still blank. :confused:

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> > Oh, and bump for justice since this review went to page 2 while it was still blank. :confused:
> I didn’t bump my thread about the campaign.

Cool story, but like I said, It dropped down while it was still empty.

It’s good enough to overcome those faults though. My main issue is the DMR and how it’s so deadly from halfway across a map. And I miss weapon pickups across the maps. This is the most fun Halo MP since 2, and 2 is my favorite game ever. I played over 5,000 games on that.

> It’s good enough to overcome those faults though. My main issue is the DMR and how it’s so deadly from halfway across a map. And I miss weapon pickups across the maps. This is the most fun Halo MP since 2, and 2 is my favorite game ever. I played over 5,000 games on that.

It really isn’t. Half the time I die for these crappy and unfair reason i’ve stated. Also, there are some real cruel offenses to this game by 343. Refer to Customization.
It’s OK. You can have fun on it. But, I can’t sit and read people type “This game is very balanced”. It just isn’t, and I state it with perfect logic and reasoning.

And… One last beautiful bump b4 I head off. Jeez, not as much feedback as I wanted. Can’t tell if the traffic on these forums is a good thing or a bad thing XD

> And… One last beautiful bump b4 I head off. Jeez, not as much feedback as I wanted. Can’t tell if the traffic on these forums is a good thing or a bad thing XD

It’s not the traffic I assure you. People don’t like to read too much, I have the same problem when I make threads like this. Most of them respond to credibility(# of favorites/thanks) or bashing/complaints. Apparently constructive threads get little praise on these forums.

Apparently… they’d rather read short and small complaints on the game rather than an actual review.