Halo 4 (mp) it can work

Having bots on mp maps can work now I know they said there will be no bots but for future halo games they can add bots to mp maps.
For halo reach they used campaign maps for mp maps and the ai played on they the cab do the same for other games. The ai can jump abd make jumps on certain levels unless it’s made just for human players. Now idk if they can make them play like a real human but it would still be some thing to fight and who can still kill and be killed by you.

they would’nt be smart enough to stop themselves from becoming an infinate ammount of free kills for the enemy team.

I too would like to eventually see bots (only in Custom Games though).

It would be quite difficult to get bots to work on Forged maps, but something that operates like CS: Source’s Automatic Navigation Mesh system could work.