Halo 4 MM THread

I just want to give my thoughts on how Halo 4 MM should work / My wishlist kinda.

To start it off we NEED a Ranked section, Playing the game and destroying NOOBS isn’t fun or getting destroyed by better players isn’t fun. So we MUST have ranks. 1-50 system. Preferably the OLD H2 Ranks where it took for ever to rank up. At least that way when you match someone with a rank you knew how good / bad they are.

Next off we need dedicated servers to knock out 2 birds with 1 stone! It fixes the connection system and it also prevents people from cheating ( Host-booting / Standbying ect.) If the discussion of money comes up and how 343i doesn’t want to pay the money for it. I’m sure people will be willing to pay 1.50$ a month. That is 150k$ for 100k people and if this happens more people will come to the game witch means only more money. It can work like GoW 3 is right now. Have dedicated servers for Ranked only and Player Hosts for Social. That way it saves time and money.

I Think we should have True Skill Exp again. Once people reach a 50 they still have something to play for, rather than make a new acc or something like that.

Next off i think this would be REALLY cool to see in a Halo game, is the ability to completely customize our character, Emblem, Guns, ect. For example it should have like a Black ops emblem creator.( with like 50 layers ) so we can expand our creativity, instead of just picking the same emblem that 100 other people have.

I also think that we shouldn’t have a ton of regular playlist but kind of keep the same playlist that Halo 3 had to start off with. and Keep a double exp playlist ( Ranked and Social.)

Witch brings me to my next point. We absolutely NEED an EXP system, NOT a CR system in the game! I can’t count the NUMEROUS times someone has quit out in Reach, Simply because they have nothing to lose. Heck some people even quit out in Pre-Game, just because they dont like the map, I can honestly say i have done this a time or two. And with No reason not to, I’m not blaming them. I’m blaming Bungie for the game and how it turned out. We all do appreciate what 343i has done for the terrible game we have to call Halo.

We also Need the voting system back, I don’t think being able to choose maps is a good thing. Because people just vote for the same thing OVER and OVER again. I swear if you search Rumble Pit on Reach you WILL get Swordbase. So We need to have ONE map pop up and give us the option to either keep or Veto. Not pick what map we want.

Ranked Playlist(Br Starts in ALL gametypes):
Lone Wolfs
Team Slayer
Double Team
Team Objective
Team Snipers
Team Swat
Ranked Big Team Battle
Head to Head ( Not Halo 3’s version of it, Just simply red team vs blue team same weapons on map 1st to 15 kills wins the game )
Team Elimination ( 1st team to 5 rounds, 1 life per round. 5 Min Rounds)

Social Playlist:
Rumble Pit
Social Slayer
Multi Team
Social Big Team
Social Skirmish

Double Exp Playlist Ranked/Social:
Team Flag
Some sort of variation of Mythic Brawl/Legendary Brawl
Valentines Day Doubles ( EVERY V-day that the game is active on )
Team Mythic
3 Ball
and others as the game moves on and new things come out

Let me Know if you agree / Disagree and Why? Thanks for taking the time to hear me out and what i think Halo 4 should be like. - Smily

Team Training like halo 2!!

I hope they seperate BTB and Big team slayer. I miss H2’s BTB