Halo 4 mistakes

I know Halo 4 is a new game and all but 343 needs to work faster about it. Not just me but many other people that I’ve seen are mad about not getting their codes for the new specializations. Instead of sending a message to everyone or an email, how about just updating the game so that everyone has more specializations? I’m not just talking about people that have pre-ordered the game. I want everyone to get more specializations. It isn’t fair that people buy this game and it isn’t even ready to come off the shelves. I want a message one day saying “Sorry for the inconvenience, here’s those codes you’ve been waiting 2 weeks for.” 343 have already sent out all of the messages and found that some people didn’t get them. They tell you it’s because of an invalid email but i don’t beleive it. It’s a message on xbox and when you send messages you don’t need an email do you? 343 I hope you will actually read this and anyone else who post a complaint. You can’t fix everyone’s problems but fix the majority of the problems. When 343 makes Halo 5 or 6, I will get it when it’s actually ready. No kidding I love all the Halo but I don’t want to pay $100 for a broken game. 343 update the game already and stop all of this nonsense. If you are working on it, then tell us so you don’t have to hear anymore complaints.