Halo 4 Midnight plan

What are your plans for Halo 4 I plan to go to the midnight launch and pull an all nighter with some Mtn Dew Game Fuel

Mine is exactly like yours plus some homemade pizza

Step 1: Go to sleep.
Step 2: Wake up on Nov. 7th.
Step 3: Go get my game without having to wait in line, or stay up all night.

  1. Go to Gamestop

  2. Unleash swag

1st in line, Pull a 48 hour’er with MNTDEW Game Fuel, ruin ending for anyone who didnt do the same =P

*be asleep

i work out regularly and plenty of rest is top priority for muscle growth and energy. there’ll be no all nighters with halo for me, even given how much i am obsessed with halo. :confused:

1 go to work, find excuse to leave office ( I’m in sales, shouldn’t be hard and won’t be suspicious) acquire coffee, snacks and mt dew for the rest of the week. Neatly stash them in my trunk.

  1. Get off work and take my fiancé home, eat dinner, get to the release event around 8:30.

  2. Enjoy pizza, tournament and halo fans until I get my copy, then make hasty exit and drive 5 miles home quickly without getting a ticket.

  3. Place game on entertainment center while I make appropriate arrangements such as fixing coffee, lighting cigarette and readying my seating area for extended usage.

  4. Slowly and sensually unbox, look through my swag

  5. Load up the second disk and install while I continue looking through swag

  6. Download all my goodies.

  7. Insert disc one and squeee.

  8. Remain in my position for the rest of the week as I scheduled it off.

> What are your plans for Halo 4 I plan to go to the midnight launch and pull an all nighter with some Mtn Dew Game Fuel

Same but with the free 5 Hour Energy my Gamestop will have. Then a small cat nap probably around 9 or 10 while I transfer my saves etc from my current Xbox to my Halo 4 Xbox. Then the Epicness continues.

I shall be getting my copy 1 day before its official release and will play it all day and all night. Then off to work where I will sleep for a few hours.

> 1. Go to Gamestop
> 2. Unleash swag

I have no idea where I will be, but I will definitely be doing step two. Then step 3 will be sleep (I hope).

  1. Go to an all you can eat Chinese buffet and leave at around 10pm
  2. Wait outside the mall drinking Halo 4 Gamer Fuel until 11.30pm when they will open it up to let people que inside.
  3. Pick up my Limited Edition game and Console
  4. Get home, play for a few hours
  5. Sleep
  6. Wake up, finish campaign :smiley:
  1. Wait until 8:00 am, go to gamestop.
  2. Run home and stick three pizzas in the oven. Run into my room to play.
  3. 2 weeks…later “I am finally level 50! On to my next specialization!”
  4. 3 years later “Hey guys, I have done everything!” “Guess what, they released Halo 5!”
  5. :0

Those are my plans.

Beat campaign in 4 player co-op legendary.

Get murdered by forerunners( a lot ).

Get stepped on by a mantis.

Get driven of a cliff by an ai.

Get chuck norris kicked by an elite.

Rage at BS Angel for not putting my monkey symbol in Halo 4! :{}

  1. Wake up at…whenever I wake up

  2. Go to GAmestop and get my copy

  3. Rip the protective covering off like an animal

  4. Force it into my 360’s disc tray

  5. Select Campaign

  6. Initiate Halo fanboy mode

Get home with my copy around 12:20 AM, start campaign on Normal to get the story and get used to the weapons and game in general. I should have campaign done by the time the rest of my friends get the game, then I’ll do multiplayer.

I’m going to the midnight release mainly because I’m working the next day and wouldn’t be able to make it down so I’m gonna do an all nighter (part nightly most likely).

  1. Hop on my motorbike and head to local GameStation and get ready to pick up Halo
  2. Eagerly await getting a copy. I’ll probably be excited and giddy like a child.
  3. Buy mine and my brosifs copy, then buy the Halo Controller if it’s coming out then in the UK (?I’m not sure)
  4. Ride home, singing Halo songs the whole way.
  5. Get home. PLAY HALO! ohmygodsoexcited; Most likely do the first mission of the campaign and then jump into MM.
  6. Cry when I have to stop to go to work.

some of us in society have to work the next morning while you children enjoy staying up all night drinking mountain dew.

> some of us in society have to work the next morning while you children enjoy staying up all night drinking mountain dew.

Ujellybro? :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to Gamestop at 9 after I get something out to eat, then picking my LE Game, Console and LE strategy guide up and heading back at my house with my friends from work for an all nighter. Best part is I have Tuesday - Friday off :smiley:

pee my self
wake up from halo 4 dream
realize it is the 5th
poop on my self
go to school
get teased
halo nerd rage about things
clean my self up
take a test
go home
sit in front of a clock
wait till 11:00 pm
go get in line for halo4
make nerdy friends
get halo 4 limited edition
then really happy
get struck by lighting
get revived by another lighting strike
skip hospital trip
go home
open box
I play halo 4
go to sleep for 1 hour
wake up at 2 am
stare at box till 8 am
start playing again