Halo 4 Microsoft points

I am an Xbox live rewards member and I didn’t get my Microsoft points for playing halo online I put 4 days into it and I didn’t revive them. Has this happened to anyone else? I live in Ireland but I don’t think that should make a difference

You are being WAY too impatient. For one, it can take up to 96 hours for the Xbox Live Rewards site to be updated, and sometimes the pending points take longer to be posted. Many times the points are deposited before the e-mail is received or the pending points are updated. Also the points are only deposited twice a month, before the 15th and 30th after over 100 points are accumulated.

All that being said, this month Microsoft has an Apocalypse promotion and has said all pending points will be deposited by the 6th so you can spend them before the world ends on Dec 21. If there are no snafus, you should see your points deposited into your account in the next couple of days.