HALO 4 microsoft "gift" that i never got.

i would like to see if anyone is having this problem. i have played halo 4 since day 1 online and i never got a email to get me past level 70. i just want to see if i could request this code since i actually have completed this requirement


All codes have been sent out and there’s no way to request another one on this site I’m afraid :frowning:

I’m still waiting for the proper release of Halo 4 I never got, this thing that was released on 6/NOV/2012 sure isn’t it.

No, the answer they give is no. You’re not from Europe are you? Even so, the answer is still no. At this point you have to wait like them anyway.

Sorry. (I figure I’ll say that because they won’t.)


I recently signed up for an X-Box live account and created a @live.com email specifically for this. November 22 to be exact. I have kept every email on my @live.com account. (You can see where this is heading) I"m now stuck at level 70. Any hope of advancement?


Thank You

Specialization codes have been distributed. For more information on the distribution process, check this post: