Halo 4 medal list

Any ideas when they will release a medal list for Halo 4?
I came across this list which I believe to be fake and really old, but still pretty cool to read if you haven’t seen it before. Anyone expecting additions to the spree or multikill medals? I know it is unlikely but I’d still love to see medals beyond the killionaire and unfriginbelievable.

Medal for getting fifteen showstoppers without dying?

Medal for getting fifteen hyjacks without dying?

It seems pretty fake to me, unless it’s a list of Bungie’s ideas for Halo Reach medals that never made the game. :L

those were just medals omitted from Reach.

And rightfully so I might add.

I knew it was fake, still made me laugh to read how ridiculous some of them would have been. They NEED to include a medal with this audio haha

Probably soon, but I’m sure the more basic medals are a safe bet to be in this game for example: multikills, sprees, headshot, and pummel.

Yeah guys that was my medal list, its just some idiots thought it was a actual medals :stuck_out_tongue:

Waypoint displays medals you and your friends achieve, but does not have a medal list per se. As such, my friend and I created our own list. You can check it out here.

I’ve seen several other lists pop up on a couple other sites while I was working on mine, but they are all missing some medals. It is easy to do. There are ~160 of them, and a good chunk are not possible in a matchmade game, so many folks have never seen them.

you cant even see the medals you have properly so whats the point in them. all it says is you have X amount and only shows you 5 at a time. crap

@Aaron82 - Actually there is a way to see the medals you have in Waypoint by gametype for all gametypes except Campaign. It is non-intuitive though, took me a while to find. Look over on the right hand side - let me know if you need more help.