Halo 4 MCC battle rifle is unbalancing the game

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I’ll try this forum as I seem to get nowhere in the others.
The battle rifle is broken in Halo 4 MCC. It is severely overpowered and the autoaim is atrocious. I recently got an Xbox One and before that had Halo 4 on Xbox 360, hoping things had been fixed, well I was wrong. Every game I have played Halo 4 MCC I have wound up furious because the battle rifle is so overpowered. I enjoy using the Assault Rifle, has always been a good short-mid range weapon. IT IS UNUSABLE NOW.
I had been averaging 3-7 kills a game using the Assault Rifle on Halo 4 MCC. The battle rifle was able to kill me at short, medium, and long range, even if I fired first and all rounds were landing on target. It is absolutely infuriating to see countless rounds hitting my opponent to see them spray and pray and kill me nearly instantly. The weapon is broken and needs to be fixed. Unless you have a BR, rocket, or sniper rifle you cannot compete.
I have a new Xbox One, connected to a new router by a two foot cable, connected to a gaming modem, connected to high speed broadband internet, running at 0% packet loss, and minimal latency, and is typically the only thing on the internet when I play. My rounds land on target and I manually burst the Assault Rifle. I know how this weapon works and my end of the internet is in perfect condition.
I knew from that start something was wrong with Halo 4 MCC, and when I decided to unplug my Xbox One and try my Halo 4 Xbox 360, I discovered I was right. I went from 3-7 kills on Halo 4 MCC to 15-20+ on Halo 4 Xbox 360. This is using the Assault Rifle and beating battle rifles!!! Halo 4 MCC IS BROKEN. THE GAME IS UNBALANCED. SOMEONE AT 343 NEEDS TO FIX THIS MAJOR ISSUE WITH THE GAME. I/WE paid the money for this game, YOU NEED TO FIX IT.
If you don’t there better be free content lined up for everyone who purchased the MCC.

We got free content. ODST. It doesn’t reliably unlock achievements. Maybe the fixes aren’t worth it either.