Halo 4 Max Player Limit is 16

I dont know if anyone noticed but in the GI article it said : Online Multiplayer (1-16)

Hoped it would be 20, but 16 is good.


I was really hoping we could have 24 player multiplayer like we had with CE on PC.

I feel 16 really is the sweet spot, so I’m cool.

I’d rather be capped at 16 than have issues with latency and general connection weirdness.

We’ve known it was 16 players since the game was announced.

As it should be.

We can expect the maximum player limit to rise in Halo 5/Halo 6, if either of them comes out of the new Xbox console since it will have more processing power. I know on most forge-heavy maps with 16 players, it can get quite laggy at times.

Well I guess you can’t change everything right away. You just have to take one step at a time. MMMMM I was hoping that we would have at least 20 or 32 like in Perfect Dark Zero. But I guess 343 doesn’t want to push Halo 4 to the Xbox 360 limit like they did with Halo 2 on the Xbox. But it’s OK and I don’t mine small scale gameplay with hallway type maps like in Halo Reach. It’s just makes it easy for me to complete my own personal challenge by using all the weapon on the map as much as possible.

The player limit has always been 16…