Halo 4 Matchmaking Update Wishlist Thread

Halo 4 Matchmaking Update Wishlist Thread
Halo 4 is finally here, and as the recent Halo Bulletins have informed us, 343 Industries are taking a much more active stance to updating Halo 4’s multiplayer component, War Games. Instead of the monthly updates they gave us with Halo: Reach, they are implementing most changes on a weekly basis, which includes rotating playlists.

Have an idea you would like to see in a future matchmaking update? Post it here! Due to the updates occuring on a more frequent basis, this thread will serve as the main wishlist thread, instead of creating separate threads for each update. There will also be links to feedback threads to coordinate responses about live updates. As each weekly update drops, I’ll put bookmark links to help keep wishlists together based on date.

Reserved for links.

Reserved for links.

Here’s what I’d like to see for the War Games Playlists:

Team Slayer (4 Vs 4) Infinity Slayer , Slayer Pro
Big Team Battle* (8 Vs 8) Infinity Slayer , Objectives
Team Objective (5 Vs 5) Capture The Flag , Oddball , King of The Hill
Team Doubles* (2 Vs 2) Infinity Slayer , Oddball , King of The Hill
Multi Team (2 Vs 2 Vs 2 Vs 2 OR 3 Vs 3 Vs 3) Infinity Slayer , Oddball , King of The Hill)
Rumble Pit (8 Players) Infinity Slayer , Oddball , King of The Hill , Regicide
Flood* (10 players) Flood
Squad Battle* (6 Vs 6) Dominion , Extraction
SWAT (4 Vs 4) Swat , Swat Magnums
Team Snipers* (4 Vs 4) Snipers
Action Sack (4 Vs 4) Random Gametypes for fun
Grifball (4 Vs 4) Grifball
Team Classic (4 Vs 4) Classic Slayer , Classic CTF , Classic Oddball , Classic King of The Hill
MLG (4 Vs 4) MLG Slayer , MLG CTF , MLG King of The Hill
Team DLC* (6 Vs 6) Infinity Slayer , CTF , Oddball , King of The Hill , Dominion , Extraction (DLC maps only)

Reasons behind taking out some playlists :

Regicide : It’s fun , but it’s better off in a FFA Playlist , just like Juggernaut was in the older Halo games.

CTF , Oddball , King of The Hill : It’s nice to have specific playlists for each gametypes , but it’s taking too much Playlist’ space , they have a limit and because of that there’s less room for new Playlists.

Big Team Infinity Slayer : That’s an obvious one , people want to play Big Team with Objectives and no don’t tell me make a different playlist just for that.

Dominion : Knowing that Extraction is a bit similar and knowing the fact that there’s a playlist limit , might as well put Dominion and Extraction in the same Playlist , Squad Battle was 6 Vs 6 , hence why I picked that name , a better name could be better but that’s just me.

Team Slayer Pro : I love competitive Halo , but this playlist is one or if not the least populated playlist in Halo 4 as of right now, if you put Slayer Pro in Infinity Slayer(change name to Team Slayer) , it will be more popular and you are saving a room for a new playlist.

That’s 15 playlists . That’s my dream Playlist setup for Halo 4 for now.
For each playlists that has a * next to it , this means DLCs are required.

team doubles or -Yoink-

Team Doubles

In fact just give me all the -Yoink!- playlist and stop rotating them!

Rumble pit rumble pit rumble pit!!! Not rotating, and yes keep regicide in it as I am one player who thinks its a pretty cool twist to ffa slayer.

Halo 4 Wishlist as of 12/9/12. Note that I want to go into detail on my choices a bit later, and I may change it based on the weekly updates.

Increase Infinity Slayer playlist team size to 5v5.
Remove FFA Regicide and add it as a rotational playlist. Increase player capacity to ten.
Add in FFA Slayer (debating on personal ordinances), ten players.
In all playlists, reduce the voting options from three to two.
In Infinity BTB, reduce the weighting of Ragnarok. Increase the weighting for Vortex and Meltdown. Add Complex to BTB.
Rotate Infinity BTB with BTB CTF/BTB Extraction every week.
Add Relay to all 5v5 playlists.
Increase Dominion capacity to 8v8. Increase score requirement to 600.
Set SWAT and Snipers to rotate with each other every week. Remove Complex from SWAT.
Remove Complex from Team Slayer Pro. Remove the AR/Pistol loadout and replace with BR/AR and DMR/AR loadouts. Increase the Frag Grenade loadout to two. Disable JIP in the playlist.
Rotate the Objective playlists, keep two active each week. CTF, Ball, King, Extraction.
Create a Double Team playlist with small maps (Forge remakes?)
Add in a rotational FFA playlist per week: Regicide, Snipers, Flood.
Add Grifball as a bi-weekly rotational playlist.
Add Multi-Team as a rotational playlist: 4 teams of 3.
Give players the ability to search a playlist for a JIP game. Default searching should put you in a full game. JIP game records can be separated from total stats.
Increase the weapon despawn time to thirty seconds.
For global ordinance, display the weapon waypoint five seconds before the weapon drops. For players with the Drop Recon support upgrade, display the waypoint fifteen seconds prior to a drop.
Revise the personal ordinance. Make subsequent drops more powerful. (Elaboration)
If players hit SR130, allow them to return to Spartan IV and continue to rank up (60K for next level)
Remove Active Camo from loadouts and add it to personal ordinance. Functions as a pickup: 45 seconds effect, no radar jamming but still visible on radar when moving or attacking.
Set the waypoint on the flag carrier with a five-second delay if an opponent does not have direct line of sight.
Decrease the DMR’s rate of fire to match the Light Rifle. Reduce magazine capacity to ten rounds.
Buff the Boltshot’s primary fire so it becomes a seven-shot minimum. Increase the charge-up shot to use ten rounds. Disable chargeup without a full magazine. Decrease reserve ammo and spawning ammo by one clip. Reduce charged shot damage maximum to only break shields.
Buff the Carbine, reduce minimum shots to kill by one.
Add the ability to disable Instant Respawn in custom games.
Add the ability to drop the flag in custom games.
Add the ability to disable sprint in custom games.
Reduce the pickup radius for objective items (Flag, Ball).
Add an extra layer of shielding to the Overshield.
Add the ability to descope when shot in custom games.
Add the red X marker to the UI to mark a teammate’s death location.

FFA - Infinity Slayer, Slayer, KOTH, Oddball, Juggernaut (H3 style), Regicide

BTB - Assault, Neutral Assault, 1 CTF, MCTF, Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Dominion, Extraction

I would just like all playlist to be able to be played on all maps. Most of my favouraite maps are on Big Team Battle but I want to play Infinity Slayer because its over quickly.