Halo 4 Matchmaking,my ideas/feedbacks

As we all know, Halo 4 is 343i’s first real game that is not a remake.
As we know this game isn’t perfect, in my book, this is a great game, not the best, but not the worst(for a first game). As it stands, this game is going through a lot of changes/updates, good things are coming back, things are getting fixed. Overall, to whoever that says that Halo is doomed, you should honestly take your words back.

Anyhow, I’d like to give my feedbacks to 343 Industries. It’s going to be a huge list so get ready. I will split them in 2 categories.

2:Other(Fixes, CSR, Infinity Settings, Weapons and Vehicles)

As of the day I’m writing this(May 21st 2013), the Halo 4 playlists are a lot better than when this game came out, where each playlists had a single gametype.
If you look at the current list of Playlists, it makes a lot more sense to most Halo players to have Playlists with multiple gametypes(Team Objective,Team Doubles and Multi-Team for example).
Here are the current Halo 4 Playlists:

Infinity Slayer: 4 VS 4 Infinity Slayer and Slayer Pro
Big Team Infinity Slayer: 8 VS 8 Infinity Slayer and Slayer Pro
Community Forge Island: 4 Vs 4 Infinity Slayer, King Of The Hill, SWAT, Extraction, CTF, Snipers, Slayer Pro and V3 Slayer
Castle DLC: 6 VS 6 Infinity Slayer, CTF, King Of The Hill, SWAT, Extraction, Oddball, Team Regicide and Snipers
Rumble Pit: 8 Player FFA Infinity Slayer and Rumble Pro(Slayer Pro)
Multi-Team: 2 Vs 2 Vs 2 Vs 2 Vs 2 Vs 2 Infinity Slayer, Oddball, King Of The Hill and SWAT
Team Objective: 6 VS 6 Oddball, King Of The Hill, Extraction and Team Regicide
Team Action Sack: 4 VS 4 Binary Slayer, Fiesta Classic, Lightning Flag and Rock n’ Rail
Capture The Flag: 5 VS 5 CTF and Infinity CTF
Flood: 10 Player Flood
Dominion: 6 VS 6 Dominion
Team Throwdown: 4 VS 4 V3 Gametypes and Pro Gametypes
Team Doubles: 2 VS 2 Infinity Slayer, Slayer Pro, CTF
Team Snipers: 4 VS 4 Snipers and Shotty Snipers
Grifball: 4 VS 4 Grifball and Grifball Pro
Regicide: 6 Player FFA Regicide

Now that I listed the playlists with their gametypes, here’s what I’d do to each playlist with a little explanation for each.

Infinity Slayer: I’d change the name to Team Slayer, since it’s not just Infinity Slayer anymore, it’d be fitting to add a more common name to the playlist.If possible, I’d also add a Slayer gametype, not Pro or Infinty, just regular Slayer(AR/Magnum or BR/Magnum starts), so you’d have 3 different options to vote for, Infinity, Pro and Slayer

Big Team Infinity Slayer: I think most people will agree with me on this one, change the name to Big Team Battle, add Objective gametypes(CTF, King Of The Hill, Extraction and Dominion) and just like with my Team Slayer, add a regular Slayer gametype to the mix, as for the voting options, always have a Slayer gametype in the first slot(since Slayer is the most popular gametype) add an Objective to the second slot and make it random for the last slot.

Temporary Playlists such as Community Forge Island don’t need anything special.

Castle DLC: I always liked DLC Playlists, the Halo 4 DLCs are no different, it just sucks that Crimson and Majestic don’t appear that often now that their playlists are gone. So what I had in mind is this, make Castle DLC into a 6 VS 6 Crimson and/or Castle DLC Playlist, so that people that have both map packs that have bigger maps can enjoy them in one playlist. As for Majestic, the one with the smaller maps, they could bring back the Majestic Team DLC playlist or make it needed for some 4 VS 4(my Team Slayer for example).As for the name for Crimson/Castle playlist, how about Squad DLC?

Rumble Pit: A great playlist that should have a few extra gametypes, earlier during Halo 4’s life, they released FFA Throwback, a FFA Objective playlist(Oddball and King Of The Hill), they should simply add Oddball and King Of The Hill to Rumble Pit. Just like the other playlists, add a regular Slayer gametype to the mix. For voting options, first one should be between the Slayer gametypes , second should be Oddball and third for King of The Hill. I would add Regicide to the mix since it is a FFA gametype, but 343i already stated that it will never happen, oh well, no big deal.

Multi-Team: I’m glad that it’s back to teams of 2.But to me it feels like 6 teams of 2 is too much, they should scale it down to 4 Teams of 2. As for the voting options, Slayer gametypes(including SWAT) in the first slot , King Of The Hill second and Oddball third.

Team Objective: I love Objective, but is it me or is 6 VS 6 too much for a simple Objective playlist? In my opinion it should go back to 5 VS 5. If you want to play Objectives with bigger teams, that’s where Big Team Battle comes in. Voting options, Oddball/King Of The Hill first, Extraction/Team Regicide second and whatever remains goes third.

Team Action Sack: More WACKY gametypes please. Dodgeball was really fun :slight_smile:

Capture The Flag: Normally I’d say put it in Team Objective just like in the other Halo games, but CTF is pretty much the most popular Objective gametype in Halo(was shown when the game came out), so I think CTF should stay the same. In terms of Gametype, if possible they should add 1 Flag CTF, a popular Flag gametype that is missing in Halo 4.Voting options would pretty much be random, 3 gametypes, 3 voting slots, they should go anywhere for some variety.

Flood: I loved the Halo 3 Living Dead Playlist, lots of fun gametypes, in Reach, not so much. Flood has potential, they should take some of the great Flood maps made by the Community and add them in.Oh and disable forced colors for Spartans.
As for voting options, take out EVERY non Flood themed map out of the voting options(just like in Halo 3’s).

Dominion: I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think they should add Extraction to this playlist, since they are both new gametypes and they are a bit similar, I’m sure they would work together in the same place.Playlist name would be Squad Battle, still 6 VS 6. Voting options,First for Dominion, Second for Extraction and last is random.

Team Throwdown doesn’t need my opinion since they have Pro players working on it.

Team Doubles: One of Halo’s top playlist, add King Of The Hill and regular Slayer to the mix.Voting options, First should go to the Slayer gametypes, second for CTF and third for King Of The Hill.

Team Snipers: Not a big fan of this one, but still a popular choice in this Community.They should completely take out the Binary Rifle and give the Beam Rifle it’s own gametype (Beam Snipers). Voting options are simple, First for regular Snipers, second goes for Beam Snipers and last for Shotty Snipers.

Just like Throwdown, Grifball is pretty much handled by the Grifball Community.

Regicide: Put Regicide in Rumble Pit or leave it as it is.

SWAT: First time I played SWAT in this game, I was thrilled by the idea of having both BR and DMR with me. But is it just me or should SWAT CTF (like Halo 3) and of course SWAT Magnums be brought back? If so, Votes would be like that:SWAT in first, SWAT Magnums in second and SWAT CTF in last.

And of course, for those that REALLY want to play that,a Classic Playlist.
Team Classic: 4 VS 4 Classic Slayer, Classic CTF , Classic King Of The Hill and Classic Oddball, note that Classic gametypes will have no Sprint, no loadouts, no instant spawn,etc.

Stay tuned for Part 2 !

Now for Part 2.

CSR: To me, CSR is as great as the original 1-50 TrueSkill System from the days of Halo 2 and 3, except for one thing that most people will surely agree with me, In-Game Ranks. They should add it back.

Infinity Settings: When you play an Infinity Gametype(Infinity Slayer for example), you earn points by getting kills,assits, multi-kills, etc. When you reach a certain amount of points, you get the choice between 3 random drops(power-ups, grenades or power weapons), it is random and turns the Halo 4 Infinity Experience into a game of dice, where the losing team all get a Binary Rifle and the winning get Needler. My way to fix it is simple. First time you get an ordnance, you get the choice between the 3 grenades, next ordnance, the 3 power-ups, then back to the nades and so on and so forth. This way you only get nades that can help you and a little boost from the power-ups(Overshield, Damage Boost, Speed Boost). As for finding weapons that would’ve been only as an Ordnance option, simple, put Weapons on Map(regardless of the gametype, just like the Community Forge Maps), put regular weapons around the map(Battle Rifle, DMR, Magnum, etc.) and put some power weapons on a fixed location, not random, but as an Ordnance(with a resupply timer like in the old days) so that everyone can see where it is.

Fixes/Others: When you play a team gametype, you can see an arrow pointing where your teammates are, it’s not really visible in Halo 4 cause it’s blue and it blends with the maps, if possible, change the color of that arrow to what it was back then, yellow if your team is ok, orange if they are taking damage, up until they die and we see the red X.

Not sure if it’s a glitch or if it’s normal, but lots of players have been seeing people using a sort of Camo Glitch, where there’s no blue dots when someone uses Active Camo, if possible, fix it so that the dots will appear.

If the death cams want to stay in this game, they should be fixed. If not, removed them from every playlist.

Instant spawn should completely gone, but leave the option to ‘‘Press X to respawn faster’’ for every gametypes (which cuts your respawn timer by a few seconds).

In my opinion, the War Games thruster pack is a tiny bit too weak(though I do see some amazing play with it), if possible, it should get a 10% buff(like in Throwdown but without changing movement speed).

For now that’s it, If I find anything else to add to this list, I will edit it ASAP!

My thoughts:


> My thoughts:
> https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst209798_What-if-Halo-4-MM-worked-like-this.aspx

I agree with most of your things, but you just have to take in consideration that somethings are close to impossible to add to the game because of UI limitation and such(example:Social/Ranked playlists).

P.S: Updated Part 2 of my feedback lists.