Halo 4 matchmaking maps and dlc

Im so happy to hear 343 is going to go back to making matchmaking maps and not campaign matchmaking maps… I think matchmaking needs to go to example halo 3 but just updates and thrown on steriods for better words… Please make us kick a@@ maps again 343 and unleash a crap load of dlc maps to keep halo rollin.

Glad to hear you’re excited about Halo 4. :slight_smile:

However, the Matchmaking section of the boards is for “the current state of Halo Matchmaking”, and Halo 4’s not out yet. I’m moving this to the Halo 4 section, where you’ll probably get more replies.

whatever you do 343, DO NOT ship the crappiest maps with the game, and then dlc great looking maps a month after release. (reach) What usually happens is people will drop a boring game long before the dlc arrives. Don’t sand bag. Bring It.

Wraparound and Warhouse both look awesome, and I know that 343i has been working hard to make great maps.

super happy to see 343 going the right way with MM maps …

343 <3

If nothing else, I have faith that the maps are going to be good. I read an article that said Wraparound went through three iterations before they settled on the current one.

I agree fully with OP, re-using maps is just cheap and will never work, it’s excusable for an indie game/low budget title, but for a AAA-title like Halo it’s cheap, it’s worse then CoD even and makes me sick :&
Multiplayer ain’t campaign or firefight and does not play like them, anyone who got any idea how a game is made knows that and would never try to re-use maps. Such a simple thing as AIs are very stupid, and hence the maps have to be (aka simple) for the AI to manage, while people playing multiplayer are a lot smarter, and can handle “advanced” maps.

However, it’s good to see that 343i knows their things and will not make a cheap excuse for a game like Bungie, that they take some pride in their work and maybe, just maybe, when Halo 6 is released we’ll beg to play Wraparound and the other again since they were so good :wink: