Halo 4 Marketing and PR: Why I am confused.

If you think Halo 4, the way 343i has painted it to be on the canvas of Game Informer sounds great you must have learned marketing at the same damn school 343 has, apparently. That isn’t to say you can’t have your own opinions on what games should play or how they should feel. You need to look at it from a marketing perspective. Please before you read get the idea out of your head that reads “If it is close to being more along the lines of Call of Duty then those players will buy it!” That isn’t necessarily the case.

You never alienate your current and loyal customers. Bungie did this, do you see how well Halo is doing in comparison to the others? Not too well, look at the sales for downloadable content and the current player base- shattered. (This is arguably not true due to “statistics.” I’m sorry but just because your statistics show an positive and slightly elevated gain, doesn’t mean they come close to resembling the projected sale statistics that should have been relative to how popularity of the game should be.)

Due to the alienation of the current fanbase that has left, unless there was a promise of retribution with this game over the last game they will stay gone. The players that are on the fence now will leave, and the only players you have left are the fans who are hurt, but will buy the game because they feel obligated because they love Halo(I’m a large lore fan myself ontop of an ex-semi professional player) and the fans that came in young at Halo: Reach and don’t understand what a traditional Halo franchise game should feel like. Outliers will exists so do not circumvent the point.

The point of the above paragraph is to stress how little of the community will be there, and if there is no one playing the game{in relation to how many there would be had it been a worthy successor to Halo 3) then who is going to tell all the Call of Duty players that this is the Halo game for them? No one. Word of mouth is some of the best advertisement and if their goal was to attract some of that Call of Duty money they should have logically thought this through.

Sure, there may be customization options to make it play how we want it to play, but they must not be too great at PR if they didn’t think to mention that in Game Informer- instead they lead us to speculate and hope for the best while letting us wallow in our own self-induced misery while we lament the very idea and reality of this new knowledge atomic bomb.

At the end of the day what is the point of trying to attract all the Call of Duty players? I can only assume from what I’ve known of the loyal CoD fans I have met they have a strong disdain for just the name Halo, regardless of gameplay. So logically it leads me to question the competence of the company. Alienation of a fanbase to potentially attract a sworn rival fanbase is never a smart business decision unless they are able to incorporate both new and old seamlessly- which, if they can, they should have Yoink! mentioned.

Hell, this isn’t to say the game will flop. They will still make a good amount more than likely; it is Halo regardless of it actually BEING Halo. But it isn’t good to sully the name of a fresh, not yet ripened company. Giving yourself a bad rep so soon into the game will not make you as profitable as you should be.

I know I seem a bit of a negative Nancy, and maybe I’m just talking out my -Yoink!-? Who knows, but this is how I feel. My feels are nothing but heartache towards what I have read and I really hope they surprise me with great news.

Without more knowledge on what is to come I can’t make any definitive decisions, but I can tell you from what I know and what I don’t know that this isn’t looking good.


Even if it may be a bit long of a read I’d very much like to get feedback on what others think.