Halo 4 maps

What maps do you think they should remake or bring back if 343 makes Halo 4?

Personally, I would love to see Blood Gultch, Sanctuary, Lockout, Narrows, and The Pit.

Also, what types of new features or game design should halo 4 maps follow.

(e.g. A multistory tower with switches to open gateways designed for assymetrical CTF.

Lock Out, Guardian, The Pit, and Sanctuary.


> Lock Out, Guardian, The Pit, and Sanctuary.

High Ground, Vahalla, Last Resort, Snowbound(With Ghost), Stand-off, and Isolation.

> None.

Precisely. They have done way too many remakes. I am tired of remakes. Why keep on going to the past when we can move on to the future. Plus, I’ve already had my fun on the old maps, I want to have new fun on new maps.

Indeed, none. They screw the map and what was once a good map becomes a bad one. We need new maps for a new Halo game. Though, similarities can exist.

For the next Halo I’d want exotic arena maps with a few labyrinth-like maps chucked in as well as epic BTB maps :3

They should stay away from remakes. Would they even be legally allowed to do remakes?

Either way if they did do any remakes…

Headlong, Relic, Containment or Waterworks.

The ultimate collection would be Damnation, Chill Out, Derelict, Hang Em High, Prisoner, Lockout, Sanctuary, Midship, Beaver Creek, Warlock, Colossus, The Pit, Narrows. These are remakes that I would absolutely love to see in H4. Along with lots of new maps that they make up for us. I think there should be a balance of remakes, and new maps.

No Remakes,But if they are ever going to make a remake it has to be a authentic remake, what I mean is it has to look and play the same as the previous and has to have the same jumps,colour,skybox,etc.But i would prefer for just new maps.

What they really need though is to ship a good FFA/1v1 map with the disc something which is in the lines of a blackout/guardian type map. Halo 2 had Blackout ,Halo 3 had Guardian. Reach doesn’t really have one. But yea I would also like no more Invasion specific maps, to me they are a lot of wasted space that truly only work well for one gametype that being Invasion and that maps should work well with mostly all gametypes and not just be cratered to one.This will allow all playlists to have a larger selection in maps and increase the replay value of the playlist.

All the remakes should get voted on by the community. Then 343 would put them in the new Halo, plus several new maps. DLC’s would only be new content and new maps.

None. They often mess up re-makes. I honestly can’t think of one remake I liked…nope they always remove important features.

I don’t think they should remake maps. If they do, ONLY after extensive playtesting. Many remakes don’t work as well because of new gameplay mechanics. I think 343i should just focus on making new maps, that work well with the game’s mechanics.

343 please, dont make multiplayer maps ripped straight from the Campaign. Make original mutiplayer maps!

> 343 please, dont make multiplayer maps ripped straight from the Campaign. Make original mutiplayer maps!

Exactly, The one thing that would be an exception is they can make use of the scenery and skins from some campaign missions and add them to maps like in Halo 2/3. Examples would be Sanctuary,Turf,Elongation,Colossus,Citadel,Rat’s Nest Construct which are in no way actually in full form in the campaign but are inspired by the look.If that makes sense at all.

Sandtrap, guardian, snowbound(I like making mongoose launchers), and highlands (yes the defiant map).
Those are probably my favorite maps ever.
And its balanced, 2 small and 2 large.

Oh and how could i forget HIGHGROUNDS the best map ever
And to add another medium map, tempest.